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C# Slides

Online Fees submission
System (OFSS)
By Dua Noor Abbasi
Roll No: 17BSIT-04
Subject: C# Programming
Subject Teacher: Respected Sir Umair Ramzan Shaikh
• Introduction
• Problem statement
• Objectives
• Features of system
• Outcomes
• Conclusion
• References
• This project is based on the SBBU fees management system with
several features
• the online fees submission system is one the best system for the
students which provide the facility of the submitting the fees.
• It is produced in C# programming language with interactive GUI.
• This project is good for the administration also which can be accessed
form nay where anytime.
Problem statement
• Students of the SBBU often face difficulty to submit the chalan in the
• It time consuming and logn process to submit the fees in the bank
• The students often gets disturb when they used to submit the fees in
the Bank
• Specially Female students faces difficulty for submitting the fees in
• So a useful and interactive online fees management system is needed
to submit the fees of the students.
• The Objective of this project is to provide the facility for the
student to submit the fees online.
• The student of SBBU can easily submit the fees without visit
at Bank.
• The main objective is to provide the ease of the fees
submission to female students. s
Features of system
• Interactive GUI
• Menu
It gets the complete information of the user.
Admin login form
• User ID
• Password
• Exit
• The output of the project will provide the ease of fees
• It also provide the facility to the employees for submitting the
• The requirement of the of the project needs to fulfill the
prerequisites of the fees submission system which lead to the
well security mechanism.
• It is concluded that the online fees submission system provide
the facility to the student as well as administration staff to
submit and keep record of the fees submission. The receipt is
generated after the completion of the fees submission