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The three most pressing issues that I have encountered in my experience as a substitute teacher
include lack of communication between staff, students, and parents; mismanagement of the
school administration; and non-motivated staff. These issues are all correlated and as a whole
result in the low performance of campus. The problem stems from the casual approach of the
administrative system of a campus that doesn’t address all concerns with the best solution. As a
result, the rest of the staff members are not as driven for the success of the students. This lack of
interest for the individual student’s proficiency level leaves a lot of important information
uncommunicated. The administration must have a system in place that lets the campus function
smoothly. This system must be strictly maintained and enforced. It should also engage the entire
staff to work as a coordinated group. This can be achieved only through strong communication
among all the staff members. The teachers should be encouraged to communicate with the
students and parents to understand their problems personally and come to a solution.
In our neighborhood in Sugarland, initially we felt isolated and segregated. We faced several day
to day problems with our house like plumbing, gardening, repair etc. but didn’t know where to
go. I made a WhatsApp group with some of my friends in the neighborhood that grew bigger and
bigger and now it includes almost everyone in the neighborhood. We share our problem now ,
from protecting external pipes during winter to sharing seeds for our backyard.
Each students are unique and they progress at a different pace in academics. Some students fall behind
due to lack of motivation and direction in life. This lack of interest results in low proficiency level. In
order to help them succeed communication is the key. A good curriculum to grow interest in studies and
communication with the students and their parents on a regular basis to keep them motivated to study
and achieve academically will help them succeed.
I have been a commited teacher throughout my job at Fort Bend ISD and the schools I have worked in
used to request me to sub and recommend my name to other teachers on the basis of my dedication
and enthusiasm towards my work. I strongly believe that education is the only way through which
people from diverse communities can lead a comfortable life and it is through public schools like KIPP
Texas a student can excel academically in a joyful environment. If I get the opportunity to work in KIPP
Texas I would focus on the academic progress of the students through communication among staffs and
students, accountability, and motivation that will prepare the students to pursue their goals for future.