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Learning Insights-Learning Insights for this week's lessons 5th October to 7th October

Learning Insights
In line with the previous topic that was discussed, I’ve learned about the consecration to God. In the
strictest and most fundamental sense, there is only one type of consecration, the one made by God
himself. Only God has the power to appropriate a human being and make him or her sacred. God
communicates his holiness to us; he allows us to share in his holiness. He is our creator, and he desires
that we be like him. The primary meaning of consecration is this transformation into his likeness. As a
result, our consecration is essentially a response to his call. We bind ourselves to a consecration that
comes from God by acquiescing. We dedicate ourselves to serving the Lord in a new way. In fact, this new
path is the only path that will allow us to truly become who we are. Jesus Christ is the most prominent
example of God-human consecration. He is the "Anointed," which means he is completely God's.
According to research, when he accepts the mission for the salvation of the world through a free act of
his person (intelligence, will, affection) (Jn 17, 19; 30), he consecrates himself. This is his subjective
consecration in response to the objective consecration of his being that occurred in his humanity at the
time of the Incarnation. While everything around us appears to be hopeless and our way of life is under
threat, we can have hope. We must remember that God is supreme and in complete control of all things.
Nothing escapes His attention, and He employs the bad, even the evil, for His own ends. When we are
shaken, we must hold on to that truth. Nothing is thrown away when it comes to God. There is always a
reason for everything, no matter how bad things get. He made the universe in which we live, and if you
know the Lord, He knows what He has in store for you. He will put in all of his effort for your benefit. He
will never leave you or forsake you, and he even knows how many hairs are on your head. He adores His
own, knows us intimately, and desires the best for us.