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Student Survey(new)

1. Who is your legal guardian (who do you live with?). Please circle one from the list below.
Mom and Dad
2. Legal guardian’s phone number(s). ________________________________________________________
3. Legal guardian’s email. _________________________________________________________________
4. My mailing address is ____________________________________________________________________
5. Before an exam (please circle one from the list below) ….
(A) I always study.
(B) I never study.
(C) I study sometimes.
6. Do you have a quiet place at home to study?
(A) Yes.
(B) No.
7. How many people live with you at your house/apartment? _________________________________
8. The main reason I come to school is to ……
(A) Hang out with friends.
(B) My parents make me go. (C) I think it’s important for my future
9. What grade would you like to receive in this class? _______________________
10. What grade do you think you will end up receiving in this class? ___________________________
11. Science is …..
(A) Fun.
(B) Boring. (C) Interesting.
(D) Dangerous.
12. I spend _____ hrs every day on video games
I spend _____ hrs every day using my phone
13. My parents/guardian tells me that education is important to my success in life…
(A) “All the time”.
(B) “Sometimes”.
(C ) “Hardly ever tells me”