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Job Analysis

Job Analysis
Name: John Lourenze Wong
Job: Teacher
Position: Teacher I
College Degree: Bachelor of Elementary Education
1. What physical and mental task does the worker accomplish?
Preparing youth for their future and teach them standard school subject.
Also by devoting an efforts to children’s mental and emotional
development as well as their ability to socialize with others.
2. When is the job to be completed?
By the end of the day, you have to be sure to submit the students scoring
sheet and make sure that you had updated their evaluation sheet as well
and assess their corrections along with improvements.
3. Where is the job to be accomplished?
It is to be accomplished in the office right after the class has ended.
4. How does the worker do the job?
With current technological advances the task is being done through online
since students are foreign.
5. Why is the job done?
To ensure that student was able to learn something during the class and
be able to compare evaluations of student improvement along the way.
6. What qualifications are needed to perform the job?
Compassion, hard work, love and patience are a necessary qualification to
teaching students, without these basic components, teaching them won’t
be effective.