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A special moment in life

Talk about a special moment in you life? When and where did it happen? Who were
you with? What did you feel? What makes you remember this moment?
To start with, the happiest moment in my life was when I passed my 11th Grade. I had
been stressed out for months before exams have even started, as I believed my knowledge
was lacking. After each of my three exams, I felt worn out for weeks until the results
came. The hardest was my history exam, as it was the last one and my worst subject.
Furthermore, after getting good marks in two previous exams I was afraid of ruining
everything at the very end. I had to wait for more than a week to get my result and I was
panicking. Additionally, my admission in the university was solely dependent on whether I
pass or fail the exam, so it was very important for me to do well.
The way I see it, waiting for results was one of the worst experiences in my life.
However, after receiving results I could not even look at them immediately. In the end, I
had to get a grip and with trembling hands, I finally managed to open the website where
the results were published. I was entirely delighted as I found out that, not only have I
passed my exams with flying colours, but also I was one of the best students at school.
To my mind, the main reason it was the happiest moment in my life was that I had not
worked as hard for the exam as my classmates. In addition, I was not an honour student
and somewhere in my heart, I thought that I did not deserve my marks, so the passing
mark made me ebullient.
In conclusion, I would like to say that if I compare this situation to other events in my
life I can say that I have had better marks in other tests and exams, but this was the most
important one. Thanks to these results, I got admission in the university I wanted and I
started my higher studies. I remember that some of my classmates had not gotten managed
it and had to sit for the make-up exam. Nevertheless, I was lucky and it helped me to
realize that luck was not always going to work and in the future I will have to put up some
real effort to get success in life.