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Surfrider club is a national organization at the University of Miami that seeks to spread
awareness about different environmental issues that are affecting the earth. This club, through
surfing, speaks about the different things that could be done in order to improve ocean
conservation. Surfrider UM’s main objective is to promote social awareness amongst the student
body about certain practices that help protect the ocean. This group hosts many projects like
beach clean ups, and through these projects they express their views about ocean preservation.
Through the students at the University of Miami, the Surfrider organization is able to influence
and share their ideologies concerning climate change.
This organization at the University of Miami is merely just a subdivision of the actual
Surfrider Foundation. This foundation’s main goal is to advocate the climate change crisis as
well as demanding certain policies that would help this cause. One of the several ways this group
supports their goals is by hosting what they call a virtual march on Washington D.C. where they
ask members to send messages to their representatives. By doing so, this group expresses their
civic voice towards what they believe is an important issue that is affecting the world.
Furthermore, by calling for their representatives in congress to take action this group takes a
bigger role in advocacy for climate change.
In addition to calling for change upon their representatives this foundation also believes
in gathering their members so that they can clean certain areas they know might be heavily
polluted. For example, beach clean ups are one of the main ways this organization express their
civic voice. The reason behind the Surfrider members cleaning the beach is also due to the fact
that they want to be able to surf in a clean environment. They claim that if no action is taken
towards environmental protection then soon it will be impossible for others to enjoy the ocean
because of this pollution. This is an important group to study because they show many ways that
they try to express their preferences on certain issues the strongly believe in.
Another important aspect of this Surfrider club is the fact that they express their civic
voice through many methods. It has been seen that they participate in attempting to influence
legislation in congress, the community, and legislation opposition through the courts. The
Surfriders foundation in Maui has been challenging the courts to implement clean water acts so
that polluters can be held responsible for their actions. If the court agrees with this coalition, they
will agree to sanction Maui country for the discharging of treated sewage water into
groundwater. This is important to this group because it expresses their preferences as well as
how successful they have been to achieve what they want.
In order to conduct my research on this group I plan on conducting survey questions
concerning current climate change issues. These questions will be related to how impactful they
believe their club has been. In addition, this research will also pertain to how cooperative they
believe society has been towards climate change issues. Furthermore, the surveys given will be
descriptive so that one could investigate the information of what the participants do and think.
This is important to the investigation because it could show their preferences being expressed
when they participate politically. The survey will also have questions that pertain to how their
preferences could be affected by how the way representatives or candidates act.
It is necessary to add questions that investigate if participants are influenced by the way
their representatives take action in legislation. This will be crucial to the research because it
shows how preferences can affect political activity. In addition, this will explain if the Surfrider
club has been able to obtain what they want. The survey questionnaire will contain a variety of
questions that will seek to learn the different preferences this group has and if these preferences
influence the way they participate politically. This study will attempt to discern why this group
strongly supports their ideologies as well as why they represent these ideas in a political