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chemistry worksheet

Not longest carbon to carbon bond but the longest bond in general(it is a mistake)
Circle Ethanol
< -------------------------- lewis structure for C​2​H​2
Replace F with A
I didn't choose particulate diagrams B, F, and G. I didn't choose B because each
compound only had one atom. After reading the names of the compounds, I knew that
each compound needed at least two different atoms or compounds within the molecule.
Because B only had one element, which wasn't bonded to anything, I rules out this
answer choice. I didn't choose diagram F because magnesium is positively charged,
nitrate is negatively charged, oxygen is negatively charged, and hydrogen is positively
charged. Because the magnesium is positively charged, the negatively charged oxygen
will be attracted to the magnesium according to coulomb's law. However, the diagram
shows the magnesium attraction the hydrogen, which defies Coulomb's law. I didn't
choose diagram G because it resembled a solid and the only solid was solid calcium
chloride. Calcium chloride could only have one Calcium atom in the compound, but
diagram G has two, so diagam G is incorrect.