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MOCassignment (Autosaved)

MOC Assignment
Claim: There is a tiger nearby.
Ground: I hear roars at a distance.
Warrants: Tigers are animal that roars.
Qualifier: And as such.
Rebuttal: Unless there is a lion nearby.
Backing: There is zoo nearby with a tiger in it.
Claim: Qhekibi is from Nagaland.
Ground: He speaks Nagameese.
Warrants: People of Nagaland speak Nagameese.
Qualifier: So chances are.
Rebuttal: Unless he is multi lingual.
Backing: Most of the people speaking Nagameese are from Nagaland.
Claim: It is going to rain after sometime.
Ground: It is cloudy today.
Warrants: When it is cloudy, it rains.
Qualifier: Probably
Rebuttal: Unless a strong wind take these cloud away.
Backing: It is not really windy today.
Claim: I need to wash my shirt.
Ground: My shirt is dirty.
Warrants: People like to wear clean clothes.
Qualifier: So in all likelihood.
Rebuttal: Unless my mom already washed my shirt.
Backing: Majority of people wash their dirty clothes.
Claim: I need to buy glasses for my eyes.
Ground: My eye sight is weak.
Warrants: Glasses will help me see properly.
Qualifier: Glasses help a lot of people with weak sight.
Rebuttal: Unless I opt for contact lenses.
Backing: Glasses are easily available in my locality.