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BADM 120 Final6

civil law
proceedings cover non criminal acts(divorce, personal injury lawsuits)
product life cycle
introduction, growth, maturity, decline
break even analysis
process used to determine profitability at various levels of sales. Where total revenues=total cost
grouping two or more products together and pricing them as a unit
name, symbol or design that identifies the goods or services and distinguishes them from competitors'
brand loyalty
degree to which consumers are satisfied and are committed to further purchases
brand awareness
how quickly or easily a given brand name comes to mind when someone mentions a product category
brand preference
when consumers reach a point of preferring one brand over another
storage warehouse
stores products for a relatively long time
distribution warehouse
used to gather and redistribute products
limited to paid, nonpersonal communication through various media by organizations and individuals
who are in some way identified in the advertising message
Product line
group of physically similar products with similar competitors. (bubblegum and sugar free gum)
private accountants
work in a single firm, government agency, or nonprofit organization
public accountant
provide accounting services to individuals or businesses
tax accountants
accountants trained in tax law and are responsible for preparing tax returns
accounting cycle
analyze, record in journals, transfer to ledger, trial balance, prepare statements, analyze statements