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Assignment No 1

Assignment No. 1
Roles of a dietitian in different fields other than clinical
Community and public health allows RDNs to teach,monitor and advise
the public in public health and clinics and home health agencies. Their
efforts focus on helping to improve the quality of life through
healthy eating habits. This health promotion may include working
with families, children, the elderly and pregnant women.
CONSULTING (Private Practice)
In a private practice setting, RDN's can either work under
contract with health care or food companies, or in their own
business. Nutrition screening and assessments are performed for
their own clients and of those referred to by a physician. They
offer advice on weight loss, cholesterol reduction, and a variety of
diet-related concerns. They provide services to food service or
restaurant managers, food vendors, athletes, nursing home
residents, company employees, or individual counseling.
Foodservice operations can be managed by RDN's. This may be
in schools, hospitals, day-care centers, or correctional facilities.
Typically, they oversee everything from food purchasing and
preparation to staff management.
Many RDN's who pursue the food and nutrition-related business
industry possess strengths in creativity, entrepreneurship, and
business. They find this area to be rewarding. These positions
involve work in communications, consumer affairs, public
relations, marketing, or product development.
RDN's can work in management of healthcare institutions,
foodservice, and business facilities. Frequently these positions
include personnel responsibilities, menu planning and budgeting.
As Americans recognize the importance of good nutrition,
management dietitians play an increasingly key role wherever
food is served.
Research RDN's work in universities, medical centers,
governmental agencies, and food and pharmaceutical companies.
They teach physicians, nurses, dietetic students, and others in the
sophisticated science of foods and nutrition. In these positions,
research is directed or conducted with experiments to answer
critical nutrition recommendations for the public.
In a nutrition wellness program, RDN's educate clients about the connection between food,
fitness and health. The RDN also counsels and assesses the nutritional needs of the client.