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Server and Network Maintenance Checklist

Server and Network Maintenance Checklist
Servers and Systems
• Check Windows services on all workstations and servers
• Check replications and backups on all servers and workstations
• Check the physical status of your equipment. Every morning goes into server room
and take a look and make sure that there is no red or amber light, no weird sounds,
or smells coming from devices.
• Test backups. Make sure you can restore a VM from scratch successfully
• Check and delete temp files on all servers and workstations.
• Check system event logs and application logs
• Look for critical windows updates and install them.
• Views IIS logs and if all is good it might be an idea to safely purge them.
Six Monthly
• Restart all servers that are not restarted in the past six months
• Check backup retention
• Check warranties and support contracts for hardware and software.
• Update Network Diagrams
• Examine performance metrics against baselines
• Audit and reset the passwords of all service accounts.
• Check the utilizations and latency on your remote site or VPN connections and also
on main WAN connections
• Record performance baselines – WAN connection sped and average utilization. Ping
latency to remote office.
• Check firmware on your Firewall, Switches, Routers, BIOS and RAID controller check
data and time is still set correctly
• Endpoint protection – Check dashboard and logs.
• Check infected devices
• Check licenses and logs
• Check security logs on firewalls and servers
• Check unauthorized assess attempts.
• Review the firewall policies – access or NAT policies. Some may be redundant and
needs a clean up. There may be some port open that are no longer needed.
• Check membership of the main groups and review security groups in Active