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Scientific Method Reading & Crossword Puzzle

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Scientific Method Crossword
What do you think of when you think of the nature
of science? Many kids think of a gentleman in a
laboratory coat conducting experiments with lots of
chemicals. Other kids think of a step-by-step
process of conducting an experiment. Both students
are correct, but both students also seem to have a
lot to learn about the nature of science... or what
science really is! For example, scientists are not
always men, and they do not always wear a lab coat!
The scientific method is the step-by-step process
of conducting an experiment. In the past, you may
have memorized the steps of the scientific method.
The steps are generally taught in this way:
1. Make an observation (describe something)
2. Research your observation
3. Form a hypothesis, or testable prediction
4. Test your hypothesis by an experiment
5. Collect and analyze data
6. Summarize results in a conclusion
5. Testable Prediction
6. Step-by-step process of conducting an experiment
8. Facts Or Information
9. Finding something new from an experiment
10. Using five senses to describe something
1. How scientists test a hypothesis
2. living and nonliving things Part of the....
3. True OR false. There is only one scientific
4. What science ‘really is’
7. Finding out more information about a topic
I encourage you to conduct a web search for
‘scientific method.’ Please take a few minutes to
do this if you can. You may notice that no search
results are the same. That is because there is no
correct ‘one-way-approach’ to the scientific
method. Some questions call for different types
of experiments. For example, if you are making
observations about the moon or distant stars, you
may not be able to conduct an experiment
according to the steps above.
While there are no fixed set of steps for all
science, scientific investigations generally call for
the collection of evidence (facts or information)
and the use of reason to interpret data. Scientists
make sense of the evidence that was collected. The
collecting of evidence from the natural world (all
living and nonliving things naturally occurring)
defines the scientific process. Interpretation of
evidence is how scientists make discoveries that
change the world.
In conclusion, there are important pieces of the
steps taught above, but they are not the only way
of going about the scientific process.
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Scientific Method Answer Key
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