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Diagnostic Test- EIM 11

Republic of the Philippines
City Schools Division of Tayabas
Brgy. West Palale, Tayabas City
Name: ___________________________
Date: ________________________
Grade level/ Section: _______________
Score: _______________________
Pre-Diagnostic Assessment:
A. Directions: Read and understand the given questions carefully. Write the letter of your answer on the space provided
before each number. Answer must be written in CAPITAL letters.
_________1. It is a machine used to be bore holes on thin metals.
A. Portable electric drill
B. portable grinder
C. Hammer drill
D. Hand drill
_________2. It is a ____ that uses pressurized fluid oil to accomplish the work.
A. Pneumatic
C. electric
D. static
________3. It is a tool to bend rigid metallic conduits more than 1” in diameter.
A. Hydraulic pump
B. hydraulic pipe bender C. Hydraulic knockout
D. Hydraulic
________4. It is a picture symbol intended you to alert you to, and/or instruct you on how to avoid, a potentially hazardous
A. Symbol
B. sign
C. warning icon
D. Safety Alert
________5. What is the preferred size of extension cord for portable grinder?
A. #5.5mm2
B. #3.5mm2
C. #2.0mm2
D. #2.5mm2
________6.Which personal characteristic of successful entrepreneurs reflects that successful entrepreneurs want to make their
own decisions, set their own schedules, and can work without supervision.
a. Risk taker
b. Goal Oriented
________7. SWOT stand for?
c. Independent
d. Self-confident
a. Strengths, well- being, opportunities, threat
c. Social ways of threats
b. Sudden, weaknesses, outstanding, threats
d. Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
________8.Which of the following is NOT considered as a characteristic of an entrepreneur?
a. Cope with failure
c. Persistence
b. Dependent
d. Opportunity seeker
________9. This has a cross tip- resembling a positive (+) sign. It is used to drive screw with cross slot heads.
a. Hacksaw
c. Philip screw driver
b. Electrician’s knife
d. Wire stripper
________10. It is used by linemen to remove insulation of wire and cables in low and high voltage transmission lines.
a. Long nose plier
c. Electrician’s knife
b. Philip screw driver
d. Hacksaw
a. Switch
d. Lamp Holders
________11. This is a rectangular shaped metallic or plastic (PVC) material in which flush type convenience outlet and switched
are attached.
a. Clamps
c. Flat cord
b. Conduits
d. Utility box
________12. It is a device inserted to a convenience outlet to conduct electric current. A flat cord is attached to it on one end and
the other end is connected to a current consuming instrument or appliance.
a. Fuse
c. Male plug
b. Switch
d. Lamp holders
________13. It is a picture or symbol intended you to alert you to, and/or instruct you on how to avoid a potentially hazardous
a. Symbol
b. Sign
________14.What is represented by the following symbol?
c. Warning icon
d. Safety alert
a. Battery
c. Terminal
b. Fuse
_________15. What is represented by the following symbol?
a. Electric wire
c. Capacitor
b. Switch
d. Wire connector
________16. What is represented by the following symbol?
a. Electrical ground symbol
c. Switch
b. Electric wire
d. Terminal
________17. The following are some electrical materials which are commonly used to fit wiring devices during wiring insulation
a. Conduits
c. Coupling
b. Wire connector
d. Bolts
________18. The following is the advantages of using proper electrical tools EXCEPT?
a. Efficiency of work is met
c. Accuracy is obtained
b. High quality of work is achieved
d. It is more stressful on the part of user
________19. What is the minimum size of the elctrcial extension cord used with most portable disc grinders?
a. #2.0mm2
b. #3.5mm2
c.#5.5 mm2
d. #8.0mm2
________20. It is an important safety consideration for anyone working with electrical systems.
a. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) c. Electrical Hazard
b. Safety training
d. Labels
________21. An instrument used to measure the amount of electrical current intensity in a circuit.
a. Voltmeter
b. Ammeter
c. Micrometer
d. Ohmmeter
________22. A pocket sized tool used to test the line wire or circuit if there is current in it.
a. Test light
b. Wire gauge
c. Ruler
d. Pull-push rule
________23. A measuring tool used to measure the length of an object in centimeter and inches.
a. Test light
b. Wire gauge
c. Ruler
d. Pull-push rule
________24. It is used to measure the diameter of wires/conductors in circular mils. It can measure small and big sizes of wires
and cables.
b. Ammeter
c. Micrometer
d. Ohmmeter
________25. It is used to measure the voltage, resistance and current of a circuit. It connected in parallel or series with the circuit
depending on what to measure.
a. Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter b. Micrometer
c. Ohmmeter
d. Ammeter
B. Directions: Match Column A with Column B. Write the letter of the correct answer in the blnak space provided.
_________1. Read and understand instruction manual
_________2. Danger
_________3. Prohibition
_________4.Safety alert
_________5. Wear eye protection