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Nowadays, more and more original things have come to our daily lives. These new things not only
change our lifestyle but also make our lives more complex. It means that young people should
learn more abilities to accommodate our society. Some teachers argue that it is essential for
young people to have the ability to plan and organize. Personally, I totally agree with their
viewpoint based on the following reasons.
First and foremost, a well-designed plan could easily divide a difficult task into small pieces and
thus make young people lives easier. At present, young people live under great pressure. Studying
and working hard become their top priority because of the increasingly fierce competition. They
have to do group projects, prepare weekly presentations and stuff like that. Without a good plan
to develop some intelligent strategies, they probably will lose heart and have no idea what to do
when facing these heavy tasks. Instead, if they are able to design a suitable plan, they could know
what they should do everyday clearly and execute their work efficiently. For instance, my brother
is accustomed to make a plan before he studies. Everyday he would list the daily homework
according to different subjects such as English, Chemistry and so on. Then he would do the
easiest one first and try harder one later. By following the appropriate sequence, he could do his
homework quickly and gain a great sense of achievement.
Secondly, a good organizing skill also has much importance on young people development. As we
all know, leader is the central position among a team and has higher salary and prestige. Lots of
young people want to become leaders in the future. To become a good leader, the ability of
organization is undoubtedly required. A young person who is good at organizing his team could
make their team more united and thus improve their team’s productivity. When executing a task,
He could properly utilize team members’ advantages and avoid their disadvantages. Therefore,
he would maximize the power team member have and do the best work finally. To illustrate, my
leader Bob is a person who is good at organizing. He knows everybody of his team in depth so
that he could distribute each task to the most suitable person. Also, everyone that gets his own
task has no complain because we all trust his choice and are willing to do our best to fulfill the
task diligently. As a result, our team always ranks the first in our company over the past several
In conclusion, it is really necessary for young people to develop the ability to plan and organize.
These abilities mean a lot to young people in their future development. With these abilities, they
won’t be afraid of heavy tasks and can lead a team very well.