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Module 0 must be put at the start of your Lessons.
1. Course Syllabus
The Course Syllabus for this course is available for download. Please make sure you print one
copy and consider this as your course map for the semester.
2. Course Delivery
 The official learning management system (LMS) to be used is BLUEHIVE powered by
Moodle. You have to be officially enrolled so that you can automatically access the SMACP
 The competence-based modules are organized by learning hours. You are expected to
commit 48- 60 hours of learning time for the course.
 Although online learning is primarily asynchronous, the class follows a specific time slot based
on class schedule given at the start of the semester. This is to avoid conflicts of schedule with
your other classes specially with your synchronous classes.
 The course has 15 modules for the entire semester. You can only proceed to the next module
after the completion of the previous one.
 Your access to the Bluehive Courses for the semester will be closed a week after the grades
are released for the applicable semester.
 In case you cannot access your enrolled subjects, please immediately report to the College
Registrar for you to be included those subject/s.
 Grades reflected on Bluehive are not necessarily your official grade for the course.
3. Synchronous Classes (SS)
 Synchronous sessions will be done strictly via Big Blue Button or Google Meet through the
Bluehive. The links to these sessions will be posted under announcements. Changes in the
set schedule will be announced at best one week before the session or a day or two before
the session.
 Attend, be punctual, and fully participate during the synchronous classes as scheduled.
 Attendance will be checked during the synchronous sessions. If you cannot join the SS, you
have to at least email or message or viber the Instructor during lost connections and state
your reason, otherwise, you will be marked absent.
 A recording of the synchronous classes will be made available to the class on Bluehive only
for 14 days. After that, the same is automatically removed from our Bluehive storage.
 It would be nice if you can keep your camera open during synchronous sessions so that I
can see who I am talking to and receive non-verbal feedback.
4. Course Requirements or Assessment Tasks
 You are expected to comply with all course requirements now called Assessment Tasks.
 Try to do your course works on our class day.
 Please expect my reply or feedback, comment and replies to the forum and/or assignments
one week after the close of the submission/compliance period.
 Submit the Assessment Tasks on Bluehive only. Take note of the Submission Date.
 A deadline is set for all the activities including major course requirements. Undertake
research when complying with all Assessment Tasks.
 You are expected to observe intellectual honesty. Maintain the integrity of your works
including putting the right citation or referencing. Paraphrased statements also require
citations. Plagiarism, cheating or any form of dishonesty is strictly prohibited and shall not be
tolerated. The Code of Discipline in the student handbook shall be applied.
5. Communication
 Check your Bluehive accounts and/or your Bluehive registered emails regularly for
announcements and reminders.
 Communication among us (classmates, teacher, and teaching assistant) is through Bluehive
or registered email. Should you have questions, concerns or comments, please email me at
The success in finishing this module lies in your hands. As a Marian Angel, there is a need for you to consider
this mode of learning for it will offer new avenues of your development. You are expected to accomplish the
modules wholeheartedly. As you go through the given modules, I will monitor your progress and feedbacks
will be provided as well. For better understanding on what you should do, below are sort of reminders for
your guidance.
1. You need to have ample time in reading and understanding the content of the modules. If there is a
need to re-read it for better comprehension, by all means, do so.
2. There is a need for you to manage your time wisely taking into considerations your other modules
from your other subjects/courses. Be aware on your given schedules per subjects so that you will be
accomplishing your tasks on time. To avoid confusions or delays, read first the entirety of the study
guide for your guidance and for better compliance.
3. If in case you do not understand what is stated in your learning module, RE-READ. Spend enough
time in understanding the task/s and be resourceful. You may seek the help of your family members
but do not let them do the task/s for you. Remember, you are the enrolled student and not them.
4. In this course, all modules that you will encounter are designed to the 5Es of learning which are as
follows: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluation.
5. What you can do today, DO IT TODAY, and not tomorrow or any other day. As a Marian Angel, you
should learn the value of time and learning toward the path of professionalism. The assigned schedule
per subject is found in your Course Outline. You need to follow it religiously.
6. Do not forget to find your OWN SPACE, a place or a portion in your house which will be conducive to
7. Always believe that you can. Read the instructions given in every task before you start answering. Do
not settle for mediocrity; AIM FOR EXCELLENCE.
8. In every task/step you do in accomplishing the assigned module per subject, you need to make sure
that you do not miss anything. You have to double-check your answers before submitting them.
9. Your answers must be based on the given instructions per assessment tasks. Do not deviate from
the instructions. You need to follow what is stated and try to re-read the instructions if confusions
arise. If in case there are queries which you think must be put into consideration, you may put your
message on the Chat Box. I will respond to you the soonest and others who do have the same
concern will be enlightened as well.
10. Always do your best and be reminded that integrity is doing the right thing even no one is watching.
Before we get into the meat of our discussion, I would like to present to you some guidelines when we have
exchanges of ideas in the forum/discussion board/chat box.
1. THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK. Make sure before you send any inputs, you have carefully thought of
what you are going to send. Preparation is the key.
2. JOIN AND ENJOY. I encourage you to join and participate in our discussion/forum. Try reading the
comments of your classmates, too. It is more fun if we can share our ideas and takeaways in each
lesson. In this way, I can learn from you and we can learn from each other as well.
3. RESPECT AND RESPONSIBILITY. I always say this to my students that this is a must. When giving
comments or sharing your ideas, make sure you do it with respect. Foul or insulting words are not
allowed in any forum. Also, when we have deadlines, I will expect that you will be responsible enough
to make the submissions on or before the given time.
(You can come up with your own motivation line)