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Create an imaginary animal as part of a zoológico loco. Include a drawing, name, and a description of
various characteristics of this animal.
In Spanish, use at least 10 different verbs to describe...
1. the name of the extinct species (llamarse)
2. its geographical place of origin (ser de)
3. its natural habitat (vivir)
4. its diet (comer, beber)
5. its physical, emotional, mental, and social characteristics (ser)
6. any interesting behaviors that it had
7. its hobbies / leisure activities / pastimes / likes or dislikes (gustar or other verbs)
Use this to start your description: Hay un animal extraño...
Here is an example in English. The ten different verbs are in bold.
There is a strange animal. It is called a falupa. The falupa is a pink and orange animal from North Dakota.
The falupa lives in birch trees. It eats birds and human hair and drinks tree sap. It is a short, fat animal that
is very nice to frogs. It likes to go for long walks on the beach, and it listens to merengue. It dances like
Michael Jackson. The falupa is a clean creature and it washes its nosehairs every day. It swims in mud
puddles and it studies firefighting.
It is due on Sept. 15th, 2021.
Written Communication Grade: correct conjugations
complex sentence structures
Total Points: 30
correct sentence construction
correct / advance word choice
el animal extraño para el zoológico loco