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1. In an election between two candidates, one got 55% of the total valid votes and got 20%
invalid votes. At the end of the day when the total number of votes were counted, the
total number was found to be 7500. So what was the total number of valid votes that the
winning candidate got :
a) 2400
b) 3100
c) 3400
d) 2700
2. A whole number n which when divided by 4 gives 3 as remainder. What will be the
remainder when 2n is divided by 4?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 4
d) 2
3. Raju, Ramu and Razi can do a piece of work in 20, 30 and 60 days respectively
depending on their capacity of doing work. If Raju is assisted by Ramu and Razi on
every third day, then in how many days Raju will complete the work?
a) 12days
b) 15days
c) 16days
d) 18days
4. What is the smallest number which when decreased by 8 is divisible by 21, 27, 33, and
a) 1490
b) 10405
c) 15490
d) NOT
5. A tap can fill a bucket in 6 hours. After half the bucket is filled, three more similar taps
are opened. What is the total time taken to fill the bucket completely?
a) 3hrs 15min
b) 3hrs 45min
c) 4hrs 25min
d) 4hrs 15min
6. A reduction of 20% in the price of strawberries enables a person to purchase 12 more
for Rs. 15. What was the price of 16 strawberries before reduction of price?
a) 6
b) 5
c) 7
d) 9
7. The ratio of the no. of white balls in a bag to that of black balls is 1:2. If 9 grey balls are
added the ratio of nos. of white, black and grey become 2:4:3. How many black balls
were in the bag?
a) 6
b) 9
c) 12
d) 8
8. A sum of Rs.312 was divided among 100 boys and girls in such a way that the boy gets
Rs.3.60 and each girl Rs.2.40 the number of girls is:
a) 40
b) 45
c) 35
d) 30
9. The average weight of 8 person’s increases by 2.5 kg when a new person comes in place
of one of them weighing 65 kg. What might be the weight of the new person?
a) 76kg
b) 5kg
c) 35kg
d) 30kg
10. A shopkeeper gives two successive discounts of 20 % and 10 % on surplus stock.
Further, he also gives 5 % extra discount on cash payment. If a person buys a shirt
from the surplus stock and pays in cash, what overall discount percent will he get on the
a) 60%
b) 5%
c) 33%
d) 2%
11. A & B are at a distance of 800 m. They start towards each other at 20 & 24 kmph. As
they start, a bird sitting on the cap of A, starts flying towards B, touches B & then
returns towards A & so on, till they meet. What is the distance travelled by the bird, if
its speed is 176 kmph?
a) 3040m
b) 3200m
c) 3100m
d) 2600m
12. How long will a boy take to run around a square field of side 35 meters, if he runs at the
rate of 9 km/hr?
a) 40sec
b) 50sec
c) 56sec
d) 54sec
13. A box contains 15 marbles out of which 4 are white, 5 are red and 6 are blue. Three
balls are to be drawn at random from the bag. What is the probability that all of them
are red is:
a) 1/22
b) 2/89
c) 2/77
d) 2/91
14. From a group of 7 men and 6 women, five persons are to be selected to form a
committee so that at least 3 men are there in the committee. In how many ways can it be
a) 624
b) 209
c) 756
d) 212
15. How many 3-letter words with or without meaning, can be formed out of the letters of
the word, ‘LOGARITHMS’, if repetition of letters is not allowed?
a) 720
b) 420
c) 5040
d) 256
16. A problem is given to three students whose chances of solving it are 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4
respectively. What is the probability that the problem will be solved?
a) 1/4
b) ½
c) 3/4
d) 7/12
17. Simplify: log43 × log24364
a) 3/5
b) 2/5
c) 3/4
d) 1/3
18. What is the number of digits in (3 ) ? Given that log3 = 0.47712.
a) 12
b) 13
c) 14
d) 15
19. A hollow iron pipe is 21 cm long and its external diameter is 8 cm. If the thickness of the
pipe is 1 cm and iron weighs 8 g/cm3, then the weight of the pipe is:
a) 6kg
b) 696kg
c) 36kg
d) 9kg
20. Three cubes of edges 6 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm are melted without loss of metal into a single
cube. The edge of the new cube will be:
a) 16cm
b) 14cm
c) 12cm
d) 8cm
21. Statements: Some envelops are gums. Some gums are seals. Some seals are adhesives.
1) Some envelopes are seals.
2) Some gums are adhesives.
3) Some adhesives are seals.
4) Some adhesives are gums.
a) Only 3
b) Only 1
c) Only 2
d) Only 4
22. Statements: All men are vertebrates. Some mammals are vertebrates.
1) All men are mammals.
2) All mammals are men.
3) Some vertebrates are mammals.
4) All vertebrates are men.
a) Only 3
b) Only 1
c) Only 2
d) Only 4
23. Statements: Some cars are jeeps. All the boxes are jeeps. All the pens are cars.
1) Some cars are boxes.
2) No pen is jeep.
3) Some boxes are cars.
4) None of three
a) Only 1 and 3
b) Only 1 and 2
c) Only 2 and 3
d) Only 4
24. Statements: All the bottles are boxes. All the boxes are bags. Some bags are trays.
1) Some bottles are trays.
2) Some trays are boxes.
3) All the bottles are bags.
4) Some trays are bags.
a) Only 4 and 3
b) Only 1 and 2
c) Only 2 and 3
d) Only 1 and 4
25. Ankit is the son of Zubin. Manju is the daughter of Anil. Sheela is the mother of Manju.
Mohan is the brother of Manju. How is Mohan related to Sheela?
a) Brother
b) Father
c) Son
d) Can’t be
26. Pointing to a gentleman, Neeraj said,” His only brother is the father of my daughter`s
father.” How is the gentleman related to Neeraj?
a) Father
b) Grandfather
c) Brother in law
d) Uncle
27. Sonu’s mother is the only daughter of Riya`s father. How is Riya`s husband related to
a) Uncle
b) Father
c) Grandfather
d) Brother
28. Which of the following words would correctly decode the word ZHOFRPH if the simple
alphabet shifting code is used?
29. One evening, Simmi started to walk towards the Sun. After walking a while, she turned
to her right and again to her right. After walking a while, she again turned right. In
which direction is she facing?
a) South
b) East
c) West
d) North
30. Mala and Ram start from a fixed point. Mala moves 3 km North and turns right and
then covers 4 km. Ram moves 5 km West and turns left and walks 3 km. Now how far
are they apart?
a) 10km
b) 9km
c) 8km
d) 6km
31. If ‘×’ means ‘addition’ ‘-‘ means ‘division, ‘÷’ means ‘subtraction’ and ‘+’ means
‘multiplication’, then which of the following equations is correct?
a) 16 + 5 – 10 × 4 ÷
b) 16 – 5 × 10 ÷
c) 16 + 5 ÷ 10 ×
d) 16 × 5 ÷ 10 ÷
4 + 3 = 12
4 – 3= 19
In the following questions, two statements numbered I and II are given. You have to decide
whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the questions. Read
both the statements and give answers.
32. Question: What will be the total weight of 10 poles, each of the same weight?
I. One-fourth of the weight of each pole is 5 kg.
II. The total weight of three poles is 20 kilograms more than the total weight of two poles.
A) I alone is sufficient while II alone is not sufficient
B) II alone is sufficient while I alone is not sufficient
C) Either I or II is sufficient
D) Neither I nor II is sufficient
E) Both I and II are sufficient
33. What is the value of x?
I. The square of x is 36
II. x(x-6) = 0
A) I alone is sufficient while II alone is not sufficient
B) II alone is sufficient while I alone is not sufficient
C) Either I or II is sufficient
D) Neither I nor II is sufficient
E) Both I and II are sufficient
34. A, B, C, D and E are sitting on a bench. A is sitting next to B, C is sitting next to D, D is
not sitting with E who is on the left end of the bench. C is on the second position from
the right. A is to the right of B and E. A and C are sitting together. In which position A
is sitting?
A) Between B and D
B) Between B and C
C) Between E and D
D) Between C and E
35. 4, 9, 256, 529, 573 which of these does not belong to the group.
a) 256
b) 573
c) 529
d) 9
36. 275, 132, 462, 396, 327, 891, 121 – Find the odd one out.
a) 327
b) 275
c) 121
d) 396
Directions for Questions 37 to 40:
Read the following information carefully and answer questions 37 to 40:
K, L, M, N, O, P and Q are sitting in a circle facing at the centre and playing cards.
O is neighbour of K and N.Q is not between P and M.P is to the immediate right of K. L is
second to the left of Q.
37. Which of the following does not have the pair of persons sitting adjacent to each other?
a) ALK
b) ML
c) NO
d) QN
38. Which of the following pairs has the second person sitting immediately to the right of
the first?
a) KL
b) ML
c) OK
d) NOT
39. What is the position of P?
A) Second to the left of M
B) Second to the right of M
C) To the immediate left of K
D) To the immediate right of L
40. Who are the neighbours of L?
A) K and P
B) M and N
C) P and M
D) None of these
Directions for questions 41-45: Using the table below, answer the questions
41. What has been the percentage rise in overall population from 2001-2011?
a) 36%
b) 48%
c) 52.7%
d) 60%
42. By how much percentage males have outnumbered women in literacy rate (for above 6
age group)?
a) 7.38%
b) 4.28%
c) 12.17%
d) 6.03%
43. What has been the percentage fall in sex ratio from 2001-2011(for 0-6 age group)?
a) 1.12%
b) 0.45%
c) 0.27%
d) 0.67%
44. What is the ratio of literacy rate growth from males and females over 2001- 2011(for
above 6 years age group)?
a) 1:2
b) 2:3
c) 1:3
d) NOT
45. What is the ratio of number of males and females in 2001 (for above 6 years age
a) 21:20
b) 1:1
c) 23:20
d) NOT
Directions for questions 46-49: Find the next term in the series.
46. 0, 6, 24, 60, 120, 210
a) 240
b) 290
c) 336
d) 504
47. 4, 6, 12, 14, 28, 30, ?
a) 32
b) 60
c) 62
d) 64
48. 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, ?, 17
a) 12
b) 13
c) 14
d) 15
49. 121, 225, 361, ?
a) 441
b) 484
c) 529
d) 729
50. m < n, & x < y which of the following is definitely false
a) m - n < x - y
b) m + n < x +
c) m + n < x d) NOT
51. In a square, all the mid points are joined. The inner square is shaded. If the side of the
square is a, what is the area of the shaded square?
a) a3/2
b) a2/2
c) a2/4
d) a2/6
52. There are some houses in a street back to back .And they that house behind 10 was 23.
How many houses are there in the street?
a) 47
b) 30
c) 37
d) 32
53. There are 9 balls of equal size and same weight (they look similar) except 1 which is
heavier than others. How many minimum weights are required to find the dissimilar
ball using a weighing balance?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
54. What is the product of Prime numbers between 1 to 20?
a) 1782470
b) 6729030
c) 3956827
d) 9699690
Directions for questions 17-20: Find the next term in the alphabetical series.
55. BC CE EG GK ?
a) KN
b) KU
c) KM
d) None
56. AA AB BC CE ?
a) EG
b) EH
c) EI
d) None
57. AB EF JK QR ?
a) YZ
b) ZA
c) AB
d) None
a) QST
b) QSZ
c) QSY
d) None
Direction for Questions 59 to 64:
Each question below is followed by two statements labelled (1) and (2) .Please state.
a) If statement I alone is sufficient but II alone is not.
b) If statement II alone is sufficient but I alone is not.
c) If both I and II together are sufficient but neither alone is so.
d) If each statement alone is sufficient
e) If I and II are not sufficient together and additional data are needed.
59. In the last month the company decided to increase the cost of its mixer by 10 percent.
What is the present price of the mixer?
I. The cost of mixer and juicer together was Rs. 2850 a month ago.
II. The amount of 10% increase on the mixer comes to Rs. 220.22.
60. In a certain language, ‘pit nac mit’ means ‘red pant shirt’. Which word means ‘pant’ in
that language?
I. ‘mit tim nac sir’ means ‘he wore red pant’.
II. ‘nee jic pit’ means ‘shirt is dirty’.
61. In a code, ‘lee pee tin’ means ‘Always keep smiling’. What is the code for ‘smiling’?
I. ‘tin lut lee’ means ‘Always keep left’.
II. ‘dee pee’ means ‘Rose smiling’
62. How many visitors were there yesterday?
I. Each entry pass holder can take up to three persons with him/her.
II. In all, 243 passes were sold yesterday.
63. How much was the total sale of the company?
I. The company sold 8000 units of product A each costing Rs. 25
II. This company has no other product line.
64. When I was married 10 years ago my wife was the 6th member of the family. Today my
father died and a baby is born to me. The average age of my family during my marriage
is same as today. What was the age of my Father when he died?
a) 60
b) 32
c) 64
d) 88
65. A man gets x/y of Rs.10 and y/x of Rs.10. He returns Rs.20. What can be inferred?
a) He may not lose b) He may lose
c) He always loses d) None
Direction for Questions 66 to 68: Four Members A, B, C, D are playing a game .A person
losing a game should double the amount of others. B, C, Dis losing in order. After three
games, the amount A&B is having40, D is having 16&C 80.
66. Who started with small amount of money?
b) B
c) C
d) D
a) A
67. Who started with greatest amount of money?
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D
68. What amount did B have?
a) 93
b) 67
c) 87
d) 97