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Korean Review

The movie, Speed Scandal, directed by Hyeong-Cheol Kang is a very good
movie. The acting was superb and the movie was funny. The child actor who plays
ki-dong was very good. He was cute and hilarious to watch. My favorite scene in the
movie is when ki-dong plays Gostop with Soo Nam. I always watch my parents play
gostop with their friends and I always wanted to learn how to play. My favorite
character was ki-dong because he seems very mature in the movie. He helps give his
grandfather information about the teacher in return for toys. It was nice to see how
Soon am learned to love his daughter and grandson over time. At first he dreads
every moment but the eventually realizes that he needs them. Soon am is not a nice
character because he is afraid to lose the small popularity he has if the media finds
out he has a daughter and a grandson.
There were a few questions that I thought of during this movie. The first
question was is being pregnant at a young age stigmatized in Korea? My mom told
me that when she was in high school if a girl was pregnant she was not allowed to
attend school. I wonder if this is true today. Another question I had was why do
Koreans always use English in their songs? I never understood why whenever I hear
a Korean song they include English words. Overall the movie was well done. The
only problem I had was that they sang too much in the film.
영화 과속 스캔들은 영화 감독 강형철에 의해 만들어진 아주 재미있는 영화이다.
이 영화의 배우들의 연기는 굉장히 휼룡하다. 아역배우중 기동의 역활은 맡은
배우는 그 역활을 잘 소화했고, 그는 영화을 아주 재미있게 만들고, 아주 기여운
꼬마였다. 나에게 가장 인상깁었던 장면은 기동이가 수남과 고스톱을 쳣을때이다.
나는 항상 우리 부모님이 고스톱을 다른 친구분들과 치는거를 본다. 그렇기
때문에 나는 항상 고스톱 치는법을 배우고 싶어했다. 기동이는 내가 가장
좋아했던 배우였다. 그 이유는 기동이가 영화에서 아주 기특하고 어른스럽게
행동했기 때문이다. 그는 그의 할아버지에게 선생님에 대한 정보를 주어 그를
도왔고 그는 그로인해 장난감을 상으로 받았다. 그리고 그는 아주 피아노를 잘
치었다. 그는 영재이다. 나는 수남이 점점 그의 딸과 손자를 사랑해 가는 모습을
보고 행복했다. 영화의 시작은 수남이 그들을 좋아하지 않았지만 점점 그는
변했고 그는 그들이 자신의 삶에 필요한 존재인것을 배웠다.