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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Allow me to Introduce
A fun introduction to tell me all about you!
Who Am i?
Welcome! This activity will provide you with 2 templates to create
customized slides to introduce yourself! Select whichever template
you want, and feel free to modify it as much or as little as you
want! The templates are just suggestions :) BE Creative! Have Fun!
If you want to add videos/pictures make sure they are appropriate
for school. And don’t forget to delete the instructions text on
your customized slide as you go!
1. On your customized slide, please include:
a. Your Name, Nick-Name/ Preferred to Called
b. Your Grade (9th, tell what middle school you attended)
c. Your Age/ Birthday/ Zodiac Sign (if you’re not comfortable giving out
your age, you can just give your birthday (month/day only)
d. 2 Pictures/Bitmojis representing student
e. At least one Interesting hobby, talent, anything positive about
yourself that you want to share with the teacher.
Your Grade
Your Hobbies/Talents:
Zodiac Sign
Please replace the text above with your preferred name :)
Fun Facts About You!
We’re joining our reporter live
in the field to learn fun facts
about you! Post something
fun here!
What are you most excited
about this year? Post it here!
What middle school did you attend? What grade
are you in?
How old are you? What’s your birthday? What’s
your favorite candy/snack? Do you know your
Zodiac sign?
Favorite type of music/song?
hobbies/sports team? Post it here!
Science & You!
What’s your favorite science-related topic? What things do you hope to learn about this year? Post it below!
If you were a scientist, what kind of
scientist would you be, and why?
What is your favorite thing you’ve
done/learned in science?
Favorite animal/organism?
If you don’t want to use a template, feel free to modify this
slide as your introduction!