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Name of Torrent: GOMORRAH - Complete GOMORRA La Serie, Season 4 S04 (2019) - 720p HDTV HC Eng Subs x264
P.S: This torrent has HARDCODED -English- SUBS for all of the ITALIAN spoken throughout series! This is IDEAL for those of you who DON'T speak or understand ITALIAN and just want to "watch and go" WITHOUT having to DO the encoding yourselves!
This is also ideal for those of you who like watching stuff on your PlayStations's, XBOX's, and so on which all WON'T play "MKV" files (which I dislike, anyways) or "SRT" soft-sub files...
Plot Synopsis:
"After Ciro's death, Genny is wanted by the remaining federation who sends word to the streets. Genny takes a drive out of town to meet another clan related to him; the Levante clan is introduced. They attack the federation. Blue Blood, meanwhile, appears to continue business as usual."
Name (Title): GOMORRAH - Complete GOMORRA Season 4 S04 (2019) - 720p HDTV HC Eng Subs x264.
Category Type: TV Series.
Length (Duration): 45-60 Minutes per Episode.
Year(s): 2019 (Season 4).
Starring: Salvatore Esposito, Cristiana Dell'Anna, Ivana Lotito, Arturo Muselli, Loris De Luna, etc.
Genre(s): Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Suspense.
Resolution: 720p.
Rip Type (Source): HDTV.
Codec Type: x264.
Format of File(s): MP4(s) for Everything.
Audio Format & Language(s): ITALIAN Audio in AC3 5.1 6-Channel Audio (384 kbps).
Subtitles: Yes -> HARDCODED "English" Subs throughout for the ITALIAN Parts!
Chapters: No.
IMDB Link(s): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2049116/