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writing prompts-poem

1. Think about the simple things in your life you could not live without (no technology included!)
Write about these simple pleasures.
2. Write a poem to your grandpa (or another family member) and tell him how much he means to
3. Loving someone who doesn't love you back. How does or would that make you feel.
4. Two people see each other for the very first time.
5. What is your friendship like with someone?
6. Being scared - what scares you and how do you react to fear?
7. What gives you good vibes and makes you happy?
8. What teacher influenced you the most? Write about it.
9. First, you see the sunrise, and then you see the sun setting. It's a never-ending cycle. Write
about it.
10. how did it feel to hold someone's hand for the first time? Write about it.
11. You are holding something very fragile. Write about it.
12. Write a poem about something ugly—war, fear, hate, or cruelty—but try to find the beauty
(silver lining) in it or something good that comes out of it.
13. Write about how you feel about missing someone so bad.
14. Using your latest Twitter or Facebook status update, write a poem. You can also use your friends
status if you prefer. If you don't use social media, search online for one that may inspire you.
15. What makes you smile? Write about it.
16. Write a poem describing your ex.
17. Create a love poem that is not so smooth.
18. Liar, Liar: How would you react to someone who lied to you?
19. Has there ever been a time when you thought you might lose your mind? Jot your feelings and
thoughts down in verse form.
20. Don’t Cry: Write a poem about how not to cry when it’s hard to hold back the tears.