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geometry 1.1 notes

Chapter 1 Section 1
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1.1 Identifying Points, Lines, and Planes
1. Warm Up (Review of old stuff. You should be doing this as the bell rings and have homework out so I can check it):
1. Sketch a line labeled AB
2. Sketch a segment labeled CD
3.Sketch a line XY intersecting
segment MN at point K.
2. Review Homework
3. New Lesson: 1.1 Identifying Points, Lines, and Planes
New Vocabulary:
1. Point: A point has ________ dimension. It is represented by a _____________.
2. Line: A line has ____________ dimension. It is represented by a ______________
with two arrowheads, but extends without end.
**Through any _________ points, there is exactly ___________ line.
You can use any _________ points on a line to name it.
3. Plane: A plane has ______________dimensions. It is represented by a shape that
looks like a floor or a wall, but it extends without end.
**Through any ______________ points not on the same line, there is exactly
________ plane.
You can use _____________ points that are not all on the same line to name a
Example 1:
More New Vocabulary:
Segment: The line segment AB, or segment AB (written as ________) consists of
endpoints A and B and all points on AB that are ________________ A and B.
**Note that AB can also ne named __________.
Ray: The ray AB (written as _________) consists of the endpoint A and all the
on AB that lie on the same side of _______ as _______.
**Note that AB and BA are ___________________ rays.
Example 2:
Example 3: Intersections on points, lines and planes.
a. Name the intersections of line a and line XY .
b. Name the intersection of MX and line a.
c. Name the intersection of plane C and plane D.