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Cell Bio - Revision Where are we with Cell Biology (1)

Cell Biology: Theory and Laboratory Skills
Where are we with Cell Biology?
Cell Biology involves studying the diversity and structure of cells and examining how cell
structure relates to what cells do.
The Cell Biology: Theory and Laboratory Skills unit requires a good understanding of some
basic ideas in Biology. This sheet is designed to get you to think about some relevant
biological topics that you should have met before.
1. Name any five different types of cell found in the human body.
_________________ cell
________________ cell _________________ cell
_________________ cell
________________ cell
2. The diagram to the right shows the
structure of a human liver cell.
Name structures A and B and state their roles
in the cell.
3. The diagram bellow represents the structure of the plasma membrane of a human
cell. Label the main components shown.
Cell Biology: Theory and Laboratory Skills
4. The ‘plasma membrane’ surrounds the outside of cells. Similar membranes make up
some of the structures inside cells. Name two organelles inside cells that are made
of, or surrounded by, membranes.
5. What is the name of the small building blocks that are used to assemble proteins?
6. Proteins are assembled by structures called ribosomes. Which part of the cell
controls protein production by ribosomes.
7. Different proteins carry out many different jobs in cells. List three different roles of
proteins in cells.
8. Add the appropriate letter beside the term in list X to match it with a description from
List Y
List X:
List Y:
(A) Enzyme that catalyses breakdown of starch
(B) Substance that speeds up chemical reaction without being used up
(C) Protein catalyst made in cells
(D) Enzyme that catalyses breakdown of hydrogen peroxide
(E) pH or temperature at which an enzyme works best
(F) Reaction that involves small molecules forming larger ones
(G) The molecule on which an enzyme acts
(H) Reaction involving larger molecules being broken down to smaller ones
Phosphorylase ___
(I) Enzyme that catalyses build-up of starch in potatoes
(J) A change in enzyme structure which stops the enzyme working