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Summative Assignment

In order to understand how people act, interact, and achieve success in organizations it is
important to first understand you. This assignment will allow you to personalize your learning,
reflect on your leadership strengths and weaknesses, and develop a vision for success in business
Required steps to successfully complete the summative assignment
1. The textbook provides a variety of personality and self-reflection instruments. These
personal growth and awareness exercises allow you to assess your current abilities in the
field of business leadership. These exercises also encourage you to think about
contributions that you can make to an organization. Complete any ten of these exercises
and for each exercise write a well-written paragraph that includes: a definition or
statement of importance of the topic being assessed in the exercise, a summary of the
results of your assessment, and an interpretation of the results. You may wish to refer to
the individual chapters of the textbook for review of course content.
2. Discuss the results of your personal growth and awareness exercises with someone you
admire and respect but not a family member or personal friend. Have this person respond,
in writing, to each of the ten well-written paragraphs you have completed. This person
may respond in the form of a letter or in the form of a detailed hand-written response.
The response will include a signature and explanation of the connection to you.
3. Create a 10-year timeline that states your career objectives and addresses your
professional development in the field in business leadership. Provide a list of specific
activities that you will participate in along the way (e.g. continuing education, training,
job assignments, travel, etc.). This timeline can be created in a three-columnar table that
provides information for each of the following: date, activity, goal(s). Your timeline must
include a minimum of ten entries. Your timeline goals must address how these activities
will build upon some of your strengths and minimize your weaknesses so that you can
achieve your career objective.
4. Submit the summative assignment, including a title page and table of contents, in the
correct order as outlined above by December 24, 2021.
5. You will be given several CPT days to complete this summative. Daily work is to be
submitted, in the file folder provided. The student will also complete a daily log sheet
that will be assessed at the end of each CPT class, by the teacher. Research, deemed
necessary by the student, may be done outside of class time.
Assessment of Summative Assignment
Daily Log Sheet
Completed each day
Provides summary of daily achievements
Reflects attendance
Evaluation of Summative Assignment
Knowledge (60 marks)
 Exercises and paragraphs
o 10 exercises (1 mark x 10 exercises)
 completed
o 10 paragraphs (5 marks x 10 exercises)
 definition of topic (1)
 summary of results 2)
 interpretation (2)
Thinking (15 marks)
 Timeline
o Career objectives realistic (2)
o Date, activity, goals for each entry realistic (8)
o Minimum 10 entries (5)
Communication (10 marks)
 Spelling, grammar, punctuation, cover page, submitted in correct order (5)
 Log sheets (as outlined in assessment) (5)
Application (15 marks)
 Response
o Signature of person writing response (2)
o Identifies connection to you (3)
o Person responds to each paragraph with some detail in discussion of content
with you (10)
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