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1|Assessment OF Learning
Chemistry Grade-12
Test Chapter 05
Wednesday, 10th of February, 2021
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Knowledge & Understanding
Thinking & Inquiry
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Teacher’s Name: Talha Tariq
2|Assessment OF Learning
Knowledge and Understanding
Multiple Choice Questions:
(07 Marks)
(05 Marks)
Instructions: For Each Question Select the Best option.
1. Which of the following would involve the largest production of heat
per mole?
(a) The burning of gasoline
(b) The evaporation of water
(c) The fission of uranium
(d) The freezing of water
(e) The rusting of iron
2. The evaporation of methanol (molar mass 32.0 g/mol) involves
absorption of 1.18 kJ/g.What is the molar enthalpy of vaporization of
(a) 0.0369 kJ/mol
(b) 1.18 kJ/mol
(c) 3.78 kJ/mol
(d) 32.0 kJ/mol
(e) 37.8 kJ/mol
3. When solid ammonium chloride is added to water, the solution feels
cold to the hand. Which statement best describes the observation?
(a) NH4 Cl(s) → NH4 Cl (aq) -34 kJ
(b) The reaction is exothermic.
(c) NH4 Cl (s)→ NH4 Cl (aq) ΔH - 34 kJ
(d) The system releases heat, so it feels colder.
(e) The boiling point is increased, so it feels colder.
4. Which of the following statements is not true?
(a) ΔH is the difference in enthalpy between reactants and products.
(b) ΔH may be written as part of the equation.
(c) ΔH is negative for an endothermic reaction.
(d) A reaction consumes heat if ΔH is positive.
(e) ΔH equals the heat transferred to or from the surroundings.
3|Assessment OF Learning
5. Which one of the following is not a fossil fuel?
(a) Uranium
(b) Petroleum
(c) Coal
(d) Natural Gas
 Explain Nuclear Energy with types and examples/reactions,
(02 Marks)
4|Assessment OF Learning
1. Communication
(08 Marks)
 Acetic acid can be manufactured by using the following equation
Use the bond energy table to estimate the change in enthalpy for this
(05 Marks)
5|Assessment OF Learning
Thinking and Inquiry
(10 Marks)
 A 50% solution of ethylene glycol has a specifc heat capacity of 3.5
J/g °c. If 4.0 kg quantity of ethylene glycol absorbs 250 KJ of thermal
energy, what was the change is temperature. ΔT, of the solution?
(02 Marks)
 Calculate mass of Propane, C3H8, that will vaporize as a result of
absorbing 100 KJ of energy. The molar enthalpy of vaporization of
propane is 15.7 kJ/mol.
(05 Marks)
6|Assessment OF Learning
(10 Marks)
05 Marks
 Use the following equation and enthalpies of formation to calculate
the change in enthalpy for this reaction.
(05 Marks)
3Al + 3NH4ClO4 → Al2O3 + AlCl3 + 3NO + 6H2O (g)
7|Assessment OF Learning
8|Assessment OF Learning