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Consequences of an Overlooked Unethical Research

Consequences of an Overlooked Unethical Research
Integrating toleration to leniency in plagiarism and citation manipulation amongst our
authors will pose a threat to research integrity. If such retracted research were to be
announced undone of its misconduct, it would consequently alter ethical principles, moral and
legal regulations acceptable by the scientific community; it would negate the totality of
research credibility and the recognition of authorship amongst researchers.
Retrospectively, we are driven by greed at times when the scientific world yields
competition. New-fangled knowledge and discoveries were worked hard upon its upbringing
and taking no notice of its dedication and only of its value, will carve a path for abrupt actions
made by greed and the negligence of research integrity. Turning a blind eye to unmet
standards of research methods and its publication today will produce researchers with no
respect, prudence, and ethics in the future.
In addition, reasons to pursue a path of falsehood will never be validated and
considered in the scientific world. Reasons such as resource-limited settings and innate
indolence need not be contemplated in the process of assessing research. If the society
accepts these reasons, it will be propagated in their culture and way of life, wherein diligence
and veracity are not to be valued.
Lastly, the publication of a single unethical research may be of no consequence, but
the continuous lack of “zero-tolerance” in plagiarism and citation manipulation will fatally affect
the ways of how and why research should be done responsibly.