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Click, Clack, Moo

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type
1.) On page 328, what was Farmer Brown’s problem?_____________________________
2.) On page 329, how did Farmer Brown know that his cows were typing?
3.) What did the note the cows typed say?
a.) “We don’t want to live here.”
b.) “We want electric blankets.”
c.) “Give us more hay, please.”
4.) When Farmer Brown wouldn’t do what they asked, what did the cows do (page 332)?
a.) gave more milk
b.) mooed all night
c.) went on strike
5.) Who else wanted electric blankets (page 335)?
6.) What note did the cows and hens leave?
a.) “Closed. No milk. No eggs.”
b.) “We hate Farmer Brown.”
c.) “This barn is too cold!”
7.) How did Farmer Brown feel on page 337? _______________________________________
8.) Why did duck bring Farmer Brown’s note to the cows and hens (page 339)?
a.) He hated the cows.
b.) He was a neutral party.
c.) He always did what Farmer Brown told him to.
9.) What was the cows compromise (page 341)?_____________________________________
10.) What happened because Farmer Brown gave the animals the electric blankets (page 343)?
a.) Everyone was happy.
b.) The ducks demanded a diving board.
c.) The cows asked for cable TV.