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American School Rhino Study
Cade Harris
This sketch by Ernest Burden stood out
to me as it contained sharp inclines and
broad faces with layered geometric
design. The flow of the building
matches the elevation of the ground
that it is resting on. The use of wood as
the majority of the building with
highlights of concrete on the outside
with glass on the inside matches the
environment well. Although the other
sketches in the exhibit contained more
complex features such as curved walls,
this building's use of extreme scale
form a sense of expansiveness that I
personally find pleasing. With my
current level of experience with Rhino,
this building also seemed suitable as it
was a logical next step from the tools
that were used in the previous
assignment. Overall, this assignment
has improved my techniques and my
thought-process that I use with Rhino
along with exposing me to a wider
range of architecture.