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Phone: (408) 307-4326
Gmail: Charanveer2014@gmail.com
Address: San Jose, CA 95127
Technical Skills
Computer Languages: C++, Python, HTML, CSS, Verilog
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Mac OS X, iOS, Android
Equipments: Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Breadboard, Digital Multimeter
Major Courses: Information Security, Machine Learning, Digital Design, Data Structures
Skills: Event Planning, Team Building, Microsoft Office, Web Development
Professional Summary
Proficient in core C++ concepts such as Static Classes, Inheritance, Overloading,
Multithreading, Overriding, and Exception Handling.
Strongly worked with software development life cycle (SDLC) processes and OOAD concepts.
Involved in planning, analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance.
Expertise in Object Oriented Analysis, design and development. extensive experience with
creating use cases, sequence diagrams and class diagrams.
Certificates: Intro to Cyber Security, NSE 1, NSE 2, COMPTIA ITF+
● Former N POWER Student
● Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
● Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and Science
De Anza College, Cupertino, CA
Graduated: December 2020
Overall GPA: 3.04
Graduated July 2020
Overall GPA: 3.45
Graduated May 2017
Image Cryptography using RSA: C++
Library Management System: HTML, CSS, Python
November 2018
Implemented RSA algorithm for encryption and decryption of images with deep understanding of secure file
Applied core C++ coding techniques and object-oriented design including Exception handling and
Application development to extract HEX code from image and convert it into cipher text known as encryption
and vice versa
November 2018
Developed an application as per functional requirements from analysts with responsibility of client-side
validations and server-side validations
Installed and configured WebLogic in development and testing environment
Extensively involved in design and implementation of front-end controller using Django framework with
utilization of decent database
TOR Proxy using Raspberry PI
Autonomous Driving Robot: Senior Project
May 2019
Designed TOR proxy and installed on Raspberry PI board to direct web traffic through router bringing
complete anonymity
Built WIFI access point using Raspberry PI bringing a third layer of encryption and testing network security
using Wireshark
Designed solenoid lockbox to store packages with help of RFID card using Arduino
Performed testing to ensure payload safety and obstacle avoidance to prevent collisions
Development of algorithm with route planning, decision making, tracking, and vehicle dynamics
June 2020