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Ancient Rome Guess Who?
Use your notes about Ancient Rome and the book to find the answer to the clue given in each box. Remember just because
they say “I” does not mean that you are looking for a person.
I was the barbarian leader that ousted the
emperor in Rome in 476 A.D.:
I am a right that almost all citizens
have in the Roman Republic:
I was the man who won control of Rome after
the death of Julius Caesar and made Rome into
an Empire:
I was used to bring water to Roman cities which
helped more and more cities grow and expand:
I forced the Senate to declare me dictator of
Rome, then I acted as a bridge between the
Roman Republic and Roman Empire until the
Senate stabbed me to death:
I am what people used during
the Pax Romana to distract
them from the deeper social
and economic problems in the
Roman Empire:
I was arrested and killed by the
Romans because they felt I
threatened their authority with
my teachings. They crucified me
on a tree.
I was the side of Rome that was
weak because of incompetent
I am the emperor that ended the
persecution of the Christians after I
converted to Christianity:
I am the period in Rome where there
was a strong senate and an elected
group of representatives ruled over
I am the name given to the period of
200 years after the reign of Augustus
Caesar when Rome was mostly
peaceful and prosperous:
I am what happened to Rome after the
end of Pax Romana under Diocletian’s
I am the word that is used to describe what happened to
Christians once Rome began to believe they were disloyal
to Rome. I include things like torture, killings, and
I was moved from the West to the East to
preserve the laws and culture of the
Roman Empire:
I invaded Rome and my rise to
power eventually led to the fall of
I am the policy that the Romans use
to gain control over other lands and
I was issued by the emperor
Constantine and gave
freedom of worship to all
citizens of the Roman
I am a group of
landowning officials who
were elected by citizens of
the Rome Republic to rule:
I broke out in Rome after
imperialism caused
everyone to argue over who
should be in power in Rome:
I am the period in Rome
where there was a weak
senate and one man held
most of the power over
Roman citizens:
I am a new religion that arose
among Jews in Judea from the
teachings of a man named Jesus:
I am one of the main
missionaries/apostles that traveled
along trade routes in Rome to
spread the ideas of Christianity to
citizens all over Rome.