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Sample paragraphs

Sizzling Start
‘Ring Ring’ my phone rang at 8am. It was Emily “Are you ready to go on our trip.” I
forgot that we were going and they are going to pick me up at 8:10am. I ran and put
on some clothes and waited outside for the pick up truck to arrive. Finally they
‘Beep Beep’ I could hear the bus coming closer and closer. As I stepped on the bus I
saw my friends all sitting at the back of the bus. I started walking. The bus looked
really old. The seats were half torn and the cushion from the seats would come off
there frame. “Girls on that side and boys on this side.” shouted Tom while I was still
walking. I rolled my eyes and continued to walk. We played candy crush on our
phones. The bus came at a sudden stop.
My friends Emily, Tom, Mike and I wanted to go on a camping trip in the jungle, so we
decided to go on Saturday because everyone was free. I got my small yellow suitcase and
packed t-shirts, pants, hat and everything we needed for the trip.Tightening Tension
Exciting Ending
Character Wrap up