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Akissah Datusimban - Activity 1 - Introduction to Statistics and Sampling Techniques

Name: Datusimban, Akissah P.
Date: 03/25/21
Course/Section: BS Accountancy 2A
Activity 1
A. Classify whether the following situations will make use of descriptive or inferential statistics.
Write your answer before the number.
Descriptive 1. An owner of the restaurant computes her daily sales.
Descriptive 2. A mother recorded their monthly food expenses.
Inferential 3. A researcher wants to measure the effect of the pandemic on the sales of the
Descriptive 4. The General Weighted Average of Kyle is 1.31.
Inferential 5. According to insurance company figures the chance of your living to age 82 is
B. Tell whether the following is quantitative or qualitative data:
Quantitative 1. Score in Exam
Qualitative 2. College Courses
Quantitative 3. Number of business establishments
Quantitative 4. Temperature
Qualitative 5. Educational Attainment
Qualitative 6. Cellphone number
Quantitative 7. Age
Qualitative 8. Kinds of books
Quantitative 9. Income
Qualitative 10. Civil Status
C. Identify each of the following as discrete or continuous:
Discrete 1. Salary
Discrete 2. Number of customers in a restaurant
Discrete 3. Amount of debt
Discrete 4. Number of tables
Continuous 5. Lifespan
D. Determine the scale of measurement for each of the following
Ordinal 1. Academic Rank
6. Educational Attainment
2. Weight
Nominal 7. ZIP code
Nominal 3. Nationality
Nominal 8. Types of Business
Nominal 4. Kinds of works
9. Distance
Interval 5. IQ
Ordinal 10. Rating scale (poor, good, excellent)
E. Write your own research question and identify the independent variables and dependent
variables. (5pts)
“Proposed Implementation of Online Tax to Social Media Platform’s Merchant”
INDEPENDENT VARIABLE – Proposed Implementation of Online Tax
DEPENDENT VARIABLE – Impact/Effect on Online Sellers in terms of perception
F. Classify each sample as random, systematic, stratified, or cluster.
Systematic 1. A tax auditor selects every 500th income tax return that is received.
Random 2. Shanks will be picked or drawn 5 pieces of paper from the box. There are 30
pieces of paper inside the box. Each paper had a written name of his students.
Random 3. School principals are selected by using random numbers in order to determine
annual salaries.
Cluster 4. In 8 municipalities with many business establishments. The researcher chooses
only one business establishment for each municipality and interviews all the employees in
that establishment regarding their job satisfaction.
Stratified 5. Patients who enter an emergency room are divided into groups based on the
nature of their injury. These groups are subdivided into age brackets. A proportional number
of patients are selected from each group and are used for the sample.
G. Write your answer into 2-3 sentences only for each number.
1. Suggest some ways statistics can be used in everyday life. (5pts)
Statistics plays a major role in many aspects of our lives. It is used in sports,
for example, to help a general manager decide which player might be the best fit for
a team. In addition, statistics is also helpful to us soon to be accountants in terms of
analyzing and interpreting of data.
2. Why are samples used in statistics? (5pts)
Samples are used to save time and money when the population is large and when
the units must be destroyed to gain information. Also, it is important that we use sample
so that it is not biased because you cannot generalize to the population from your
statistical data.
Target (5)
Demonstrate through selfreflective analysis of the
concept/principle involved
supported by specific
Rubrics for checking test G.
Acceptable (3)
Demonstrate through self-reflective
analysis of the concept/principle
involved by facts/details do not
completely support the analysis.
Marginal (1)
Lacks of development of selfreflections. Facts/details are
insufficient to answer the