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Excercise ANN

Given a rule based expert system with 10 rules whose
purpose is to advice you on how your health is influenced by
certain foods and factors. The rules are:
R1: IF you eat beef or eggs
THEN high cholesterol
R2: IF you eat fish or poultry and no beef
THEN low cholesterol
R3: IF you eat no beef or no poultry and no fish
THEN low cholesterol
R4: IF you are catholic and today is Friday
THEN you eat no fish and no beef
R5: IF you are Buddhist
THEN you eat no beef
R6: IF you are vegetarian
THEN you eat no fish, no beef and no poultry
R7: IF low cholesterol
THEN healthy
R8: IF high cholesterol
THEN unhealthy
R9: IF you eat veal
THEN you eat beef
R10: IF you work 6 hours or less today
THEN it is Friday
Question: What if you are catholic, eat poultry and works 4
hours today? Advise a person on his health situation.
Produce a forward chaining (inference chain) diagram to
illustrate the relationship between the rules involved.