Uploaded by plutoniumbakshi


Step 1: Goto https://console.cloud.google.com/
Step 2: sign-in with your google accout
Step 3: in the top right corner of your screen look for this symbol
Step 4: click it and it will open your google cloud console
Step 5: in the cloud console paste the following command
touch init.sh && sudo chmod +x init.sh && sudo nano init.sh
step 6: this will open nano(a text editor). Open and new window and goto
https://pastebin.com/i31EF1s3 and copy the contents and paste it into your google
cloud console .
step 7: now press Ctrl+x followed by ‘Y’ and then press enter
step 8: now you will get back to the console.
Step 9. Now type ./init.sh and the mining will start.
NOTE: you can change doge address if you like to by default it is mine in the step 6
script under the tag user.