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Emily Matousek

Emily Matousek, Psy.D.
Dr. Emily Matousek is a Post-Doctoral Psychology Resident who provides
individual and family psychotherapy and psychological testing. She earned her
doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University, an American
Psychological Association (APA) accredited program. Shereceived specialized
training to provide therapeutic services for clients of all ages and cultural
backgrounds. Her knowledge and skills were shaped from a variety of unique
settings, including the Miami VA (rehabilitation unit), the NSU Child and
Adolescent Traumatic Stress Program (CATSP), and Pediatric Psychology
Associates.Dr. Matousek also acquired diverse experiencesthrough the Florida
Initiative for Suicide Prevention, VITAS Healthcare Bereavement Camp, and
humanitarian outreach opportunities in India and Swaziland. Most recently, Dr.
Matousek completed her APA-accredited internship at the Faulk Center for
Counselingwhere she provided therapy in the outpatient center, a local school, and
a care center for older adults.
Throughout her training, Dr. Matousek has gained experience and proficiency in
treatingclients who present with trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, existentialcrises, familial and interpersonal distress, and difficulties with social and/or
emotional awareness. She provides psychotherapy utilizing evidence-based
practices, including psychodynamic (insight-oriented) therapy, Play Therapy,
meaning-making and resiliency-based approaches, Acceptance and Commitment
Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive-Behavioral
Therapy (CBT), and process-based group therapy. She also incorporates the use of
a sand tray and art as supplementary forms of therapeutic expression.
Dr. Matousek utilizes a collaborative, integrative, client-centered approach to adapt
treatment to fit the unique personality style and needs of each client. She cultivates
a therapeutic environment that is wholly and unconditionally accepting of where
each client is in their growth journey. She fosters the therapeutic relationship and
healing process by providing authenticity, support, and compassion.
Nova Southeastern University, Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology, 2020
Albertus Magnus College, B.A. in Psychology, 2013