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Leadership Journey Assignment

Leadership Journey Assignment
Using the leadership self-assessment results from Unit 2, select one leadership style to write a
2–3-page paper which serves to critique your personal leadership journey. In this paper, please
address the following prompts:
(USLO 3.2)
What are your greatest strengths?
o As you consider your development goals, be sure to include a plan for
how you will leverage and build on your strengths.
What are your opportunities for development?
o What are your perspectives on your scores as they relate to three
aspects of leadership from the results: The Science, The Art, and The
Leader Within? What areas would you like to improve? Select two and
Include an introspective discussion on ways you can use your leadership style in
your personal leadership journey. Be sure to synthesize information learned from
the literature (at least two scholarly sources).
The conclusion must include a reflection on the goals associated with the
opportunities for improvement identified.
APA formatting is required.
The paper must be at least 2-3 pages in length, include an introduction, and include
the use of at least two scholarly sources.