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1.4 Activity. The four abilities

1.4 Activity. The four abilities
Learning objective:
To identify and explain the four basic skills in a language acquisition process and
assess the obtained information.
Techniques of teaching and learning of a language 2°A
Alfonso Javier Domínguez Tinajero
Reading, listening, writing and speaking are the four basic skills in any
language. It is said they are categorized in two parameters: oral communication:
oral or written and the direction of communication: receiving or producing the
message. Listening is the receptive skill in the oral mode, which is not only
listening, but to understand what we hear. Speaking is a productive skill in the oral
mode and it involves more than just pronouncing the words. Speaking and listening
are related to each other because how you listen to others you begin to speak the
language. When you listen to others, it can help you learn to speak the language.
Reading is the receptive skill in the written mode. It develops with the listening and
speaking skills. Reading helps build vocabulary which helps you to write your
thoughts and ideas in a more organized manner. Writing is the productive skill in
the written mode and personally the hardest of the skills. Even native English
speakers have problems with this skill since it involves developing and presenting
thoughts and ideas in a structured by using grammatical rules correctly.
In conclusion, when I’m reading this information I cannot help to think of
myself when I was learning English. The struggles I went through always trying to
improve in my writing and speaking the ideas, feelings and thoughts accurately.
When I’m in front of the classroom and teaching a lesson it makes me more
empathetic with my students when they are learning which makes me teacher