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Assignment 3

Module 4: Lesson 1-Assignment 1
Identify and list all your strong and weak points toward a good life, then create a plan to
ensure a clear road map to good life by answering the following questions:
What are my strengths and how will I secure these toward my own success?
Answer: One of my strengths is being patient in what I do especially if it is
for my own good and will help me lift my life.
How will I redeem my weaknesses?
Answer: Recognize and accept my weaknesses. I can't turn a weakness
into a strength if I am busy denying the weakness exists
Based on your realization, what are your threats and opportunities toward a good
Answer: Closed-mindedness. One must be open to new learning and input.
If the mind is closed, nothing new enters; thus, there cannot be any change
and for my opportunity toward a good life is I always keep track of my
accomplishments because I think
the way to attract opportunities is to let people know you're ready for those
How is the progress in science and technology a movement towards the good
Answer: Imagine someone who broke his/her spine and there were no
doctors, surgeries and hospitals. That's how the absence of science in
medical look like.
As a part of our human evolution science too evolved out of our brains.
We've lived in the forests in the ancient past and we've had no comparative
advantage over other animals. But after founding tools, agriculture, pots..
we've comparatively placed ourselves in advantage over other species.
Then we went on further to ships, steam engine, electricity, trains, mobile
phones, internet which makes our life more and more easier.
What help can I get from science and technology to solve my weaknesses and
ANSWER: Every person may live a simple and contemporary life thanks to
science and technology. It opens the door to a new planet that is fully
developed and civilized.