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4 questions

1. On the IAS, describe in English the process that the CPU must undertake to read a
value from memory and to write a value to memory in terms of what is put into the
MAR, MBR, address bus, data bus, and control bus.
2. Consider the following code:
for (i = 0; i <20; i++)
for ( j = 0; j <10; j++)
a[i] a[i]* j
3. Suppose an 8-bit data word stored in memory is 11000010. Using the Hamming
determine what check bits would be stored in memory with the data word.
Show how you got your answer.
4. It should be clear that disk striping can improve data transfer rate when the strip size
is small compared to the I/O request size. It should also be clear that RAID 0 provides
improved performance relative to a single large disk, because multiple I/O requests
can be handled in parallel. However, in this latter case, is disk striping
necessary? That is, does disk striping improve I/O request rate performance compared
to a comparable disk array without striping?