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Anticipation Guide

Anticipation Guide for EDEL 411
1. Learning to read is a natural process.
2. Materials for early reading should be written in natural language without concern
for short, simple words and sentences.
3. If something is in the curriculum, then the children will learn it.
4. Children can learn to read the same way that they learn to talk, by immersion.
5. The main determinant of a child’s success with reading is the home environment.
6. The most effective way to teach reading is through a commercial reading
7. A good reader is one who can read aloud fluently.
8. Children hate to write.
9. A writer needs to know what he/she is going to write before beginning to write.
10. Good writers write alone.
11. Weekly vocabulary lists are effective for teaching vocabulary.
12. Teachers have to be intentional about choosing words to teach for children to
build their vocabulary.
13. Assessment and evaluation are not the same.
14. Standardized assessments provide better information on student progress than
informal or teacher-designed assessments.
15. All student work should be given a grade or mark.
16. Developing children’s oral language is essential for developing reading and
17. Learning a second language is an entirely different process from learning one’s
home language.
18. Teachers should discourage students from speaking their home language as this
will hinder their English language development.
Agree Disagree Explain-why or give examples
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