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Unit-2-Main-Project (1)

Unit 2 Main Project
Your Task; Create a three panel Museum Display titled; SHOULD NATIONS PURSUE NATIONAL
What you will include;
A Historical Comparison Map
An Example of Propaganda
An artifact or representation of an artifact
A Paragraph
What you will do
Create a historical Map
Present an example of Propaganda
Present an Artifact
Put it all together
How to get bonus points
Create a map to show how a border changed
because a nation pursued its national interest.
Explain who benefited and how, as well as who
did not benefit and why.
Present an example of visual propaganda, such as
a poster, photograph, or cartoon that a nation
used in the pursuit of national interest. Explain
the message and why it is propaganda
Present or represent an artifact that symbolizes a
response to a crime against humanity. Explain
what the artifact represents and why you chose
Write a paragraph or two explaining how the
items in your display show your response to the
main issue; should nations pursue national
interest? Assemble your exhibit and be ready to
explain to your teacher.
We have extensively visited key terms and
concept. Think back to the main points and
include them.