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Johns Hopkins University
Master of Science in Information Systems
Yushang Chen
First Required Essay
The arrival of the 5G era will certainly trigger the information explosion in the next
few years. Correspondingly, information collection and data analysis will become
more and more important in a wider range of industries. Especially in the field of
business. In the trading of equity and futures, compared with judging by experience,
or simple mathematical model, the complicated model based on a mass of historical
information, and data analysis will undoubtedly lead to more accurate forecasts and
make more correct judgments. On this basis, the artificial intelligence program will
also come on stage, which can deal with a large number of quantitative transactions in
parallel. According to my prediction, the financial market in the future will be
completely different from that in the past, and information collection and data
analysis have become the essential skills for each person working in the financial
Therefore, as a student who has made up my mind to become a financial analyst, I
feel the urge to sharpen these skills through Master of Science in Information Systems
at Carey Business School to prepare for my future employment. To be specific, I wish
to receive exceptional training in the fields of big data, predictive analytics, AI,
machine learning, cybersecurity, IT, and so on. I am confident that people like me
who make judgments based on information technology will bring positive changes to
the market, allowing financial trading more efficiently and the flow of social capital
Johns Hopkins University
Master of Science in Information Systems
Yushang Chen
more quickly. After years of accumulation, I aspire to establish my own company
focusing on providing digital information services not limited to quantitative trading
but also information technology-based financial derivatives such as cryptocurrency. In
addition, my multinational education background gains me a deeper understanding of
the international financial market. I want to promote the flow of international capital
through my efforts.
In sum, I sincerely look forward to joining this program. I will make my unique
contribution with my multinational and interdisciplinary background during my study.
After graduation, I will commit myself to promote the information reform of the
financial market, and actively provide resources for alumni.