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ENGR Practice Problems

A general rule of thumb used by pilots is for every 1,000
feet of altitude, the temperature falls 3.5 F. If the
temperature at sea level is 78 F, what would you expect the
temperature to be at 10,000 feet in Celsius (to the 10th)?
The average surface temperature on Mars is -63 C. What is
the temperature in Fahrenheit (to the 10th)?
The lowest temperature on Thursday was 20°C. The lowest
temperature on Saturday was 12°C. What was the
difference between the lowest temperatures in Rankine?
The melting point of mercury is -36°F and its boiling point
is 672°F. What is the difference between the boiling point
and the melting point in degree Celsius?
The wire is 106 meters long at 0 °C and at every
temperature increase of 1 °C the length increases by 0.15
inch length of wire. What is the length of wire in [ft] when
the wire is placed at a temperature of 260K.
thermometer showed -12 degrees Celsius at the morning
then the temperature rises by 4 degrees Fahrenheit and later
again increased by 2 K at the evening has fallen by 5 R and
then fall 3 degree C. What end temperature does the
thermometer show in units of Fahrenheit?