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Don Wood Information Packet

Copywriting Services Information Packet
Cover Letter
Q & A Section
Writing Process
Fee Schedule
Copy Samples
Don Wood Writing
15 April 2021
Dear ___________,
Here’s the information packet you requested. You’re receiving this because you need a direct response
copywriter that specializes in the wellness market. I’m assuming you’re looking for someone who is
experienced with (email, social media, video scripts, long copy, sales letters).
I’m a professional copywriter who specializes in Health and Wellness advertising. I’ve worked for many years
as a Personal Trainer, and I care deeply about the people I serve. I write influential copy which convinces
them to acquire what they need and desire.
This experience has given me a perspective as to what people are struggling with in terms of their health. I
have a great understanding of how people are looking to improve their lifestyle.
This allows me to have a keen understanding to speak directly to fears, hopes and desires for lifetime
The goal with my service is to help your prospects trust you will understand their challenges, needs, and
results. They’ll believe you can see into their world and solve the problems they face. This is how I can be a
colleague for your success. We can build a consistent brand which will position you as the expert they rely
Content marketing is a powerful lead generation tool coupled with an effective call to action which generates
revenue for a business. I will leverage my skills, passion, and experience when I create your direct response
copy. Your products and services will be positioned as the leader in the industry.
I’m looking forward to working with you on your next project. The best is yet to come!
“Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes”
Napoleon Hill
Don Wood
Questions & Answers
Q. What are your qualifications as a writer?
A. I’ve professionally written for various projects since 2002. My experience includes scriptwriting for
telemarketing and sales presentations for different Corporations. I’ve prepared material for video, radio, and
television programming. My background also includes extensive speech writing. In 2014, I began to offer
copywriting services which emphasize direct response marketing. My training consists of completing various
coursework with AWAI, John Carlton, Ted Nicolas, Dan Kennedy, Ben Settle, Joe Polish, Jay White, Joshua
Boswell, Nick Usborne, Ray Edwards, Roy Furr, and Brian Kurtz as well as studying all the classical work in
copywriting and advertising.
Q. Do you have a background in the Health & Wellness market?
A. Being a Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Specialist, Body Posture Evaluator and Movement Consultant has enabled
me to know precisely how clients benefit from various disciplines. I’m able to communicate wellness products and
services for the market with my writing skills in an influential manner. This provides a valuable ability to expand
possibilities for profitability with organizations.
Q. What kind of assignments do you handle?
A. I’m passionate about my projects, so there’s no restriction by the volume of the work involved. It can be large,
small, single piece or ongoing in nature. I can address your need for sales letters, emails, brochures, articles,
advertorials, web content, copy critique, social media, newsletters, and blog posts.
Q. Your fee schedule includes an investment for “Copy Critique”. What is it?
A. Copy Critique is applying my expertise to evaluate your content. You will receive a review to enhance your
work, or I can revise it for you.
Q. What’s the investment to hire you for a project?
A. Investing in my services will result in increased sales and revenue. Therefore, it’s necessary to consider the
return you will receive on your investment. A comprehensive list of the various projects I work with may reviewed
in the Schedule of Estimated Investment section of this packet.
Q. How long does it take for you to write my copy?
A. The length of time varies from different projects. We come to an agreement about the completion date before
the project begins. Integrity is paramount for me with our relationship. Therefore, I have never missed a deadline.
Q. What happens if we want to revise the copy?
A. It’s always my policy to include at least one revision with any project. A thorough consultation which clarifies
the characteristics and goals of a project minimizes the necessity for changes to be made.
My Writing Process
The Project Review
To get started on a project, I’ll send you a Discovery Questionnaire. This will help us clearly define the scope of the
work to ensure maximum results. You’ll receive the document through Google Docs or a Word file in your email.
I request that you return the completed document to me within 3 Business Days.
After I review and study your answers, additional research will be applied. A short outline roadmap will be created
to help you be confident that I fully understand the project.
This will also be the basis for our 20-minute project launch call. We’ll discuss any questions or suggestions you
may have. Afterward, I’ll prepare an agreement or we’ll use the one your legal team has written.
The Proposal & Contract
After we’ve had the opportunity to discuss your project, I’ll prepare a proposal which will include the financial
investment and other requirements to complete the job. This will include what I understand about the scope and
time frame with regard to the work. After reviewing the proposal, I request your feedback about possible revisions
and any questions you may have.
When we agree with the understanding and terms of the proposal, please approve the document with your signature
and send it back to me. The authorized proposal will serve as an agreement between us and will establish the due
date for the final deliverables.
Initial Writing Process
Once the agreement has been reached, I begin the work. I use my various baseline materials and research to initiate
the outline process for your project. If I have any questions or suggestions concerning the writing, I’ll give you a
I normally wait at least 24-48 hours after the first draft is complete to review for the editing process. Once
completed, I may send you the work to check for accuracy and any revisions. This step is optional, and please
understand it’s not the final product.
Completed Project
The final drafts will be sent to you on or before the project due date. Because you are consulted during the process,
it’s likely your expectations and requirements have been satisfied.
You will have the opportunity to ask for minor revisions (spelling, punctuation, sentence changes) or major ones
(rewriting of paragraphs or pages for clarity) during a 30-day period after the due date.
If any revision which goes beyond the scope of the project, it will be considered a new project. This would require a
new proposal with additional fees. Additionally, any general revisions desired after the 30-day period can be done.
We can negotiate an appropriate fee at the time.
Payment Schedule & Termination Fees
I have a fee timeline which is standard in the industry. This requires a 50% initial payment before the work begins.
The remaining 50% of the investment is due when the final work is submitted or deadline date, whichever comes
If the project is cancelled before the completion, I will retain the initial 50% investment. This covers the work and
expenses which have already incurred. This will be agreed upon as the termination fee.
Please make payments by check or money order to: Don Wood Writing. I request you make a reference to the
project in the memo area so I can properly credit the account. I also accept Visa and Mastercard payments as well.
Copyright Ownership
The writing is for your use with the condition in which all rights are retained by me until the final payment has been
completed. This means you may not use any of the material until full payment has occurred.
Anything we negotiate which is different from this arrangement shall be in writing.
In retainer agreements, such as ongoing blog posts, you may use the material when you receive it on the condition
our fee arrangement is upheld.
Guarantee Disclaimers
I wish it were possible, but I cannot guarantee success nor promise specific results for your project. There are too
many factors involved which are beyond my control.
Considerations such as the market, the product or service, competition, promotional challenges, pricing, or
alterations to the original work apart from my knowledge to name a few.
A competent, ethical copywriter won’t present claims about guaranteed results. Become wary of those who. Once
they receive your initial retainer, you may never hear from them again.
I can assure you that your project will receive my very best skill, effort, and attention according to your
specifications. My guarantee is your content and copy will be written to your satisfaction.
Legal Disclaimer
I’m not an attorney nor do I have a professional legal background. I cannot advise you on the legality of your claims
and ideas. I have an understanding of what I won’t write based on my training and experience. If I think something
is questionable, I’ll let you know.
I strongly urge you to consult with a qualified legal advisor if there’s any ambiguity about the suitability or legality
of your offer, information, product, or content.
Additionally, I will not be held legally responsible for damages suffered by your clients as a result of your offer or
I take my approach to writing and the profession seriously. Your project will be given the very best care to provide
top quality, effective copy.
Fee Schedule
My baseline professional writing fees are listed below. You’ll notice many of the categories have fee ranges. There
are many factors involved in determining the cost for a writing project. Complexity, research, length and expenses
are the main areas to consider when arriving at the total investment.
Service Description
Estimated Investment
Long Copy Sales Letter
$3,000 - $5,000
Fundraising Sales Letter
$1,500 - $5,000 +
Direct Mail – Leads
$2,000 - $3,500 +
Direct Mail – Mail Order
$2,000 - $7,500 +
Fund Raising Package
$2,500 - $5,000 +
Renewal Series – Letter
$1,500 - $2,500
$750 - $1,500
$650 - $1,500 / Page
$750 - $1,500 / Page
Article (500-1200 words)
$300 - $1,000
Press Release (1-2 pages)
$500 - $1,000
Website Home Page
$1,500 - $3,500
Website Page
$750 - $1,250
Email Short Copy
$250 - $2,000
Email Long Copy
$750 - $3,500
Email Autoresponder Series
$150 - $1,000 / Email
Landing Page
$950 - $3,000
Blog Post
$100 - $800
Social Media Posts (5 days per week)
$1,000 / Month
Copy Critique
$400 - $1,200
$10 / Page
Video Sales Letter
$200 - $300 / Minute
White Paper
$2,000 - $7,000