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1st worksheet

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Applications of Behavioralism
For the following situations, decide on a practical and realistic application of a behavioral principle that
we have discussed in class.
1. Describe a situation in which the following may occur in a day care setting:
a. Generalization
A child might mistake a bat for a bird, because they both have wings
b. Discrimination
A child would not mistake an insect with wings however, because they are much smaller and they are not
c. Prosocial behavior from imitation
A show and tell in the day care would make the child have to talk and be personal
d. Antisocial behavior from imitation.
When there are a lot of people with the child and she is she she would be antisocial and would probably
2. Give one practical application of each of the following. Use examples not mentioned in class and be
a. Classical conditioning involving animal behavior.
When training a dog to sit you give them a treat every time show a physical command and say sit they’ll
associate all of that with sitting. They will be conditioned to sit every time they see the command.
b. Operant conditioning involving a human behavior.
Your parents ask you to clean your room and you say no, you will get positively punished by them
probably screaming at you which will lead to you cleaning your room
c. Classical conditioning involving a human behavior.
When you get home from school and smell food you instantly get hungry so when you are coming home
from school everyday you always get hungry because you are conditioned to always eat after school.
3. Give an example of how each of the following may be used by a fifth grade teacher to influence
a. Positive reinforcement
They will exclude the student from recess if they failed to complete their homework.
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b. negative reinforcement
They will treat the students who passed the test a candy so students will be more likely to study to get a
c. Punishment
The teacher will scream at the student and send them to the principles office if they disobey the teacher,
so next time they know to behave good.
4. 1 Decide how a coach for a middle school soccer teams could implement each of the following to
improve her team’s performance:
a. Shaping
The coach would reward the player each time they get a step closer to doing what is wanted.
b. a primary reinforcer
The coach would implement practice 3 times a week as a primary reinforcer for her team
c. a secondary reinforcer
The coach would implement a scrimmage game once a week as a secondary reinforcer just to have some
game like practice.
5. You work for a large company that manufactures airline seats. How could you use the following
schedules of partial reinforcement to increase productivity in your plant?
a. fixed-interval schedule
A fixed interval schedule could be used by paying the workers after they have a worked a certain
amount of time in a day. So the employees would be encouraged to make chairs during those few
hours you encourage.
b. variable interval schedule
A variable interval schedule could be used by paying the employees after they have worked a random
amount of time in one day. For instance, one day they could be paid after one hour and the next after 4
hours, so they’d always strive to work a little more to make sure they reach the minimum time and get
c. fixed-ratio schedule
A fixed ratio schedule could be used by paying the employees only after they make a certain number of
chairs that day, encouraging them to be more productive and work harder. For instance, if the set number
is 30 chairs, then after they make 30 chairs they would get paid for the day.
d. variable ratio schedule
A variable ratio schedule could be used by paying the employees after they created a random number of
chairs each day. So, one day they could get paid after 10 chairs and the next after 30, encouraging them to
work harder to reach the goal not knowing what it is.