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Year 9 Vocab Words

Vocab Words
1. ecological
2. environment
3. habitat
4. characteristics
5. herbivore
6. carnivore
7. omnivore
8. producer
9. consumer
10. decomposer
11. biodiversity
12. species
13. population
14. community
15. predator
16. competitor
17. abiotic
18. sustainability
19. pyramid
20. photosynthesis
Use the following 4 steps to
practice the unit vocab words.
1. Write each word
2. Provide a description,
explanation or example in your
own words
3. Construct a picture, symbol or
graphic representing the word
4. Read, cover, write, check each
word on your list. Do this 3
Vocab Word
(Puzzle Practice)
As a way to practice our Vocab Words.
See if you can complete this Find-aword.
Once finished take a screen shot our
all the words that you were able to
Try Opening the Find a Word in a
Program called Paint. This should
allow you to complete on the