ICT exam answers

1. Device driver – system
Linker – system
Photo-editing software – application
Spreadsheet – application
2.(a) Graphical User Interface
(b) They are much easier to use for beginners.
They enable you to easily exchange information between software using
cut and paste or 'drag and drop'.
3.(a) Software is a set of instructions, data or programs used to operate
computers and execute specific tasks.
(b) Application
4. The user has to type in every instruction – CLI
The user does not need to learn any of the instructions – GUI
Each instruction has to be typed in correctly – CLI
The user is in direct communication with the computer – CLI
5.(a) 3D printer
(b) Buzzer
(c) Wide format printer
6. Advantages:
Very fast to switch on rather than desktop computers.
Fully portable unlike desktop computers
Battery life of a tablet is a lot longer unlike desktop computers.
They often have limited storage compared to a desktop computer.
Typing on a touch screen can be slow compared to a standard keyboard.
They are expensive to run compared to desktop computers.
7.(a) A student could complete their work for the evening using a laptop on the
An alarm can be set for the house to guard it against burglars while the owner
goes out to eat with friends.
Washing is an easier task since all you have to do is load your clothes in the
machine and then you can go and do other chores.
Heating cold foods can be faster and easier to do.
(b) Actuators are connected to switches that turn heaters on or off.
Heating systems use microprocessors to control thing like:
-When the heating is switched on/off
-Keeping a constant temperature
-Some can make the temperature different from room to room.
8. The SCORE music publishing system is made up of the main program, SCORE,
and several associated utilities. These are:
Scorlas, which sends typeset pages to PostScript printers or creates an EPS file
Page, which handles page layout for multiple pages of music simultaneously,
and part extraction
Draw, which draws symbols for inclusion in code 9 or code 11 libraries
Just, this aligns and justifies large scores with more than 32 staves per
9. Bar code reader – input
Buzzer – output
Touch screen on till – both
Receipt printer – output
Light sensor on the conveyor belt – output
Electronic scales - output