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How to prepare yourself for the article approval consultation

Module 1: Preparation before Article-approval Consultation
What to Do before Attending Article-approval Consultation
1. Make sure you pick the right articles
Scientific research articles, not review articles or popular articles. Look for
subheadings like, “methods”, “results”.
7 pages, not including the reference list.
2. Be prepared to explain
You will be asked to explain one to two key ideas, concepts, notions or processes
mentioned in the article. Please consider using analogies, examples or plain language to
Below are the research articles chosen by students of different science subjects:
Article 1 chosen by a risk management science student
Title: Intensity distribution function and statistical properties of fast radio bursts is better
Explain: Fast radio bursts
Article 2 chosen by a natural sciences student
Title: A combination of omega-3 and plant sterols regulate glucose and lipid metabolism in
individuals with impaired glucose regulation: a randomized and controlled clinical trial
Explain: synergistic effect
Article 3 chosen by a mathematics student
Title: Short and long-term time series forecasting Stochastic analysis for slow dynamic
Explain: Stochastic analysis
Article 4 chosen by a chemistry student
Title: Analysis of chemical constituents in mainstream bidi smoke
Explain: 3-butadience
Article 5 chosen by a physics student
Title: A new physics approach for understanding the mechanism of the human brain
Explain: trace element
Article 6 chosen by a statistics student
Module 1: Preparation before Article-approval Consultation
Title: Alcohol activates scrabrous-notch to influence associated memories
Explain: Transcriptional changes, scabrous-notch