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SDL No. 1 : Family - Client visit prioritization
Name : ______________________________________________________
Section : NUR - __________________
Date of Submission : _____________________________
Instruction : Kindly read and understand the given scenario. Answer each questions accordingly.
The nurse who is working for the home health division of a public health agency arrives
for the day with plans to make home visits to six patients:
Ms. A
Diagnosis: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
• Called reporting increased dyspnea
• Has been increasing home oxygen flow rate
Mr. D
Diagnoses: Diabetes, chronic leg infection
• Needs weekly assessment of leg infection
• Daily home health aide visits
Ms. F
Diagnosis: Chronic kidney disease with peritoneal dialysis
• Daughter assists patient with dialysis
Mr. I
Diagnosis: Lung cancer
• Last chemotherapy 1 week ago
• Needs to have blood drawn today at nadir for complete blood count (CBC) with
Ms. R
Diagnosis: Coronary artery disease with percutaneous coronary angioplasty and stenting
• Hospital discharge yesterday
• Needs home health admission assessment
Mr. W
Diagnosis: Schizophrenia
• Receives risperidone injection every 4 weeks
• Risperidone dose scheduled today
Questions :
After arriving, the nurse learns about a required case management in-service
scheduled for 2:00 pm, which will leave time for only four home visits. Which
four patients should be scheduled for today? 4 POINTS
1. Ms. A
2. Mr. D
3. Ms. F
4. Mr. I
5. Ms. R
6. Mr. W
2. After adjusting the schedule to see these four patients, which patient should
be seen first? 5 POINTS, justify your answer based on nursing prioritization and assessment
1. Ms. A, the patient who has COPD and increased shortness of breath
2. Mr. I, the patient receiving chemotherapy who will need blood drawn
3. Ms. R, the patient with coronary artery disease who will need an initial
4. Mr. W, the patient with schizophrenia who will need a risperidone injection
3. When the nurse calls Ms. R to schedule a visit, the patient says that she
doesn’t have much time today but will be available for a longer visit
tomorrow. What is the best response? 1 POINT
1. “The visit will not take very long, so I will plan on seeing you today.”
2. “I have rescheduled other patients because it is essential that I assess you
3. “Perhaps you are feeling that you do not really need any help at home.”
4. “Because of the recent angioplasty and stenting, I would like to visit as
soon as possible.”